K10D Grand Prix for sale!


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As I've just bought the wife her K-7, unfortunately our well loved K10D Grand Prix has to go to help pay for it!

The package is complete with all accessories, manuals, leaflets, certificate and CD's etc. All accessories such as charger & mains lead, USB cable, TV out cable are still bagged and unused as we always had others we could use to leave this package as 'new' as possible.

For those unfamiliar with the Grand Prix package, this was released as a special limited / collectors edition to celebrate the K10D winning camera of the year. These are some of the extras over a standard K10 that it comes with:-

D-BG4 battery grip comes in the box (will not be sold seperately so please do not ask!)

Brown rubber mouldings on both body and grip

Gold instead of white lettering on front of body.

Very comfortable brown leather strap.

Proper body cap!

Extra manual as it had V1.3 firmware installed at the factory.

Certificate showing that this is number 0586 of a limited run of only 5,000 cameras worldwide.

This has been used as a working camera since originally bought from SRS, and has not been sat on a shelf as a collectors piece. Considering that it has been used for 2 years, it is in very, very good condition with only 1 small blemish that I can see on the body, and a few scratches on the bottom of the grip where it has been stood on various surfaces. Overall I would give the body 9/10 and the grip 8/10 if I had to score it.

Price: 400. Available to view in Aylesbury, Bucks. Payment via cash / bank transfer / Paypal gifted. Postage at cost.

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apart from the finger prints and the print on the lcd screen

what is so special about this camera



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pink wrote:
apart from the finger prints and the print on the lcd screen

what is so special about this camera


The brown/gold colour scheme and the matching grip/strap (only available as part of the kit). Plus it came pre-loaded with firmware 1.30 unlike the standeard K10D which only ever came with 1.00.

It does look very smart "in the flesh"
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...........no extra charge for the nose prints

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I`m getting somewhat uncomfortable in the trouser area just looking at the above pictures.....blush.

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If I wasn't changing the car in a few months I'd have bitten your hand off twice already, this is soooo tempting.

PS: anyone want to buy a K10 Body in black for 300, subject to Unlocker selling me his "Boxed Brownie"
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Just to let you know there was a typo in the description!

Put D-BG4 grip instead of D-BG2 as I had the K-7 on me brain when typing it out!



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I have to say,after all my burbling on the coloured camera debate,that the brown is a very satisfying colour - almost gives the feeling of an expensive sports car interior................I can understand what alfiemoon was getting at even if I don`t want to think about it lol
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Forgot to mention that I'm chucking in 2x 3rd party batteries as well!



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am i to late to express an interest in this


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cono wrote:
am i to late to express an interest in this




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Not a criticism of your undoubted photographic skills Unlocker, but this camera looks a lot better in the flesh than any picure of it ever does.
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Time for a bump!

Haven't really pushed the sale much, but now that we have decided that all K10 / K20 kit has to go, and after a little sort out we have found the following to add extra value to the sale:-

1x Extra Genuine D-LI50 battery (which makes 4 in total, 2x Gen, 2x non gen!)
1x K10D Magic Lantern Guide.

Also, completely forgot that due to a cleaning error (!) it has installed an LL80 Pentax AF Divided Matte screen instead of the standard one, which helps enormously with composition. The original (slightly scratched) screen is also included in the box the other screen came in along with the tweezers etc.

Don't really want the aggro of putting it on eBay, (would put it at a 450 BIN if I did to cover fees etc!), so am open to SENSIBLE offers.

If picking up in person from Aylesbury, could also take a card if needed, but would prefer not to put it through the company card machine if possible as it's a personal sale!!


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Whilst I would love to, the divorce costs would make it un-economic
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Still available, open to sensible offers!

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