K10 + Tamron 300 f2.8


Link Posted 31/03/2007 - 10:59
Hi Experts
I`m considering a K10d and was wondering if anyone on the forum has used this combination for wildlife/birds ?. I have used this lens on my Ds sometimes with a 1.7AF and have been pleased with the results your thoughts please on this combination with regard to SR and cropping with 10meg
Thanks Mike. (new to the forum)

Rodger Fooks

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Hi Mike
Welcome to the forum.

You should have no problem at all with the K10D and Tamron 300.

I do a lot of wildlife photography and the SR system is just what's needed. I find it allows you to shoot at least 2 stops slower than without SR. Typically I would use my 500mm at 1/600 without SR and can now use it at 1/200 without problems.

I also leave the SR on when following the path of an Eagle through the sky with no problems. The AF and SR keep up prefectly.

Cropping is also possible but keep it to a minimum. Remember if you reduce each side of an oblong by 25% through cropping you are only left with half the pixel count. ie 10mega pixels will become 5
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Welcome to the forum Mike

If your happy with the Ds you'd be ecstatic with a K10D, I use my Pentax 80-320 on the K10D and get sharp images as low as 1/125th sec handheld, someone with steadier hands could probably do better.

As for cropping, I have cropped images up to 1/3rd original and they still yield good A4 prints
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Thanks guys

Have got a fantastic branch of LCE who have kindly lent me a K10D for the weekend. Forgot to mention my Tamron 300 is the old SP version. When I use this with the 1.7 AF converter, does the camera recognise the focal length of the complete set up or just the converter? if you get what I mean? The camera doesn't ask for the focal length when attaching this combination. I am very impressed, so far though, with my old manual lenses as well!



Link Posted 06/04/2007 - 19:28
Just a follow up, after a great weekend playing with the k10d I spent some hard earned cash and am very pleased. The SR I find is very good with my old telephotos and the kit lens, little disapionted with the stop down metering when compared to my ds, (thats another reason to keep it) whatching the metering thread with interest.
Cheers, Mike
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