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Until recently I wasn't really interested in the new K1 - I've been shooting with my K5 for the past 4 years and even though it has its limitations, it's one of the only DSLRs I've ever used and I can't say I think it's a bad camera. However, the idea of going semi-pro (weddings in particular) has been going through my mind a lot recently. Keeping this in mind and seeing as my two most used lenses - Tamron 28-75 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 - would make an ideal FF starting kit I've started to read quite a lot about the K1 in recent weeks.

The one gripe I keep reading about in reviews is "inferior" AF speed - especially when compared to more commonly pro-used cameras like the 5D mark iii. I'm not into anything fast-moving (sports, birding) at all, but a good AF in low light is essential - something my K5 doesn't have either. So my question to the K1 users who've had the opportunity to shoot with other brands as well is: how bad (or good) is it? Is the K1 a valid alternative to shoot weddings?
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Weddings will not be a problem for the K-1, but neither would they be a problem with a K-5. I've shot many weddings using the K20D, K-5, K-S2....and all kept up perfectly well.

This claim of inferior AF speed is not really borne out in practice. Tracking AF seems to be what people complain about, but I never use that on any camera. I've had many cameras through my hands over the past couple of years in particular and the Pentax ones are as fast as anything else. It also depends on the lens used. I've been using a very expensive camera today that is positively lethargic using AF, and the K-1 would absolutely knock spots off it.
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You could also go for the K3 II. The focusing ability in low light is probably the best of any APS-C camera. As for focusing speed, the Pentax DA* in lens motor is rather slow. If you use Sigma or Tamron lens with in-lens motor, they are faster than the Pentax DA*. The newer Pentax lenses with DC motor are better in that regard than the DA* lenses.
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Re the K 3 & 3-II, it should also be remember that they have a beefier screw-focus drive motor than all the other Pentax APS-C bodies to-date and focuses the lens quicker (but whether the body AF recognition f/w can keep up is another matter!) - you can certainly tell the difference if you put the bigger screw-drive lenses on a K-5 and then on a K-3. Don't know what's in the K-1, but I would suspect that it is somewhat similar to /better than that in the K3 series.
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Does anyone know if this beefier AF motor is in the newly announced K-70


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I am very impressed with the HD FA 24-70mm with the K1 - it focuses as fast as anything else I have seen/used.
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