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K1 and the Sigma Lens interference ("scratch")

Posted 15/05/2016 - 23:22 Link
I have used my two Sigma 1.4 DG primes ( 30 and 85) on the K1 without a scratch or blemish developing but I can see that even with the camera and the lenses meeting the manufacturing tolerances there is a only a very minute clearance between the K1 and the Lens mounts ( < 100 microns literally)

On my gear the clearance ( gap) can only be seen if a very bright light is placed behind the potential "touchpoint"

However I do believe that if one does not take care mounting and removing the lens it could close the gap and create contact.

Surely very carefully taking the sharp corner off the lens mount ring at the 12' clock position with a fine emery board (like our ladies use for their nails) eliminates the problem.

It needs literally, just a very minute removal of the sharpness on the corner, which needs to be hardly visible followed by a good " puffing" after; should take less than a few seconds to create a minute airgap between the edge ( corner) of the lens mounting ring and the K 1 body.

Obviously the rear of the lens needs protection to prevent any fine debris getting in the mount or on the rear glass.

Check with backlight after to ensure you have created a very small airgap that allows the backlight through and if so the problem is solved.

Better than sending it back to Sigma for a week (or two, or three) to have that ring changed (or modified ) for a " micro chamfered one". which is likely the repair they will offer

As I said above, I had no need on my Sigmas as there is no contact ; both of the lenses were on the list not to be used before a mod is carried out.

Any views
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