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Do you know - I've never checked that as it has had 3 cards in use in it - the original 8GB card that came with it , a 2GB one for College that was filled and another 4GB one that finished the college course and is in use now .

Flash has been used 2 or 3 times only I think [ maybe slightly more ]

Can't see how to get a decent count - being a Machead I can't use Photome [ or whatever the Prog is called ] without a huge amount of palaver and I'm not competent to play around
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Ti this might help http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/post-processing-printing-software-darkroom/76...

I believe EXIF Viewer is the simplest to use http://homepage.mac.com/aozer/EV/

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It is so excellent that I, a K7 user, succumbed to its beauty when I brought a friend to buy the red coloured version and I got the white. . .
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i-Berg wrote:
technoidiot wrote:
I have to say I'm happy with my AAs - still using the original set of Energizer Lithiums

TI - how many shots is your Kx up to with those batteries? I'm on the originals (same sort), sitting on about 550, going strong but with minimal flash use.

I had well over 1,200 with the original set in my K-m, albeit with minimal flash use.
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My short story to the AA or Li-ion pack question:

On the 3 day Easter holiday I travelled to the Croatian seaside (400 miles) to a photo tour to take photos of the beautiful seaside. I took one camera body, 4 lenses, a tripod, a monopod, a laptop and other accessories including two packs of Li-ion battery. There was only one thing I left at home, the battery charger. Due to the 3 day holiday season I even did not have any chance to buy one, so I did not take any photo on the photo tour. If I had had a K-X… you can buy AA battery at any filling station day and night even on the holidays…


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This is so very very true - and to my mind it is very much a plus point .

Sorry you got caught that way.
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My *istDL2 will take well over 1000 frames on a set of Energiser Lithiums, and there's always CRV-3's if AAs are too fiddly.

I consider the Li-ION pack on my K10D to be a necessary evil TBH.
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On the other hand, I'm not long back from a slightly-longer-than planned trip to Marrakech (3 nights turned into 10) with a K20d and two Li-Ion batteries - deliberately left the charger at home. I took about 800 pictures and am still on the first battery. Both batteries (one original, on cheapy no-name) are two years old and have been cycled. So it's not all bad. Admittedly, I wasn't unhappy with Eneloop-type AAs (actually Hybrios and Sony Cycle Energy) in my old DL2 - and still use them in my flash. But when I tried to use 'ordinary' alkaline AAs they died very quickly (and the 'test set' that came with the camera didn't even power it up). Granted Lithium AAs and rechargeables are easier to get than dedicated Li-Ion ones, but when you're really in the middle of nowhere less-than-fresh Alkaline AAs might not be much help.


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Speaking personally , I have , in whichever bag I'm using [ blasted BBA ] 2 sets of Hybrio batteries .

Getting ready for my trip to France I pulled out the set of NiMH batteries which also came with my K-x [ freebies and had been charged when I got the camera in December so I had a spare set then ] and found they had flattened already - but put the Hybrios in the charger and they were fine .

The K-x went to France with the Energisers in , and 2 sets of Hybrios as well as the set of Hybrios that were in the Metz flash.
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Peter Bargh

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how could Photoshop CS5 win the award for best Photo Software when at the time of judging it wasn't yet available.

Slightly off topic but just to clarify...TIPA judges are editors of magazines around Europe. They get to see and use product way before its released. I like the panel, was using Photoshop CS5 several months ago so could make an informed decision without it being in the shops.
Also just to counter your views on TIPA. I was a member many years ago and the process is fair. The entire groups sit around a table and each nominate products. The highest voted products win. It's really fair and the group does cover a cross spectrum of levels of editor from trade mags to highly successful newsstand magazines. Extra categories have been added if a product that is nominated and gains high votes doesn't sit comfortably in one of the existing categories.


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Thanks for that Peter. Much appreciated. Having no knowledge or experience myself of the TIPA awards, I based my post on the comments by the editor of Amateur Photographer magazine, who I assumed knew what he was talking about. Having read your reply, I'm sorry if my comments were unfair to TIPA. Link belowto the AP news article.

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It's interesting to see that Pentax users are not to enthusiast about K-X and its TIPA award...


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No I think the K-x is very well regarded, but it's a pity they don't include a battery charger and a set of quality AAs. I'm sure that must put off people who are considering getting into Pentax.


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it comes with a set of Energiser Lithiums - which as you will have seen , we are all praising for their long life.
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They're single use though aren't they? I am sure that seems a bit cheap to many customers - probably reminding them of that drawer of spent batteries they have at home. By quality AAs I meant rechargeables, I didn't make myself very clear.
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