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Hi all - first time here ... My K-01 has just died, and I'm looking for a cheap(ish) replacement. Lowish shutter count ideally, but open to persuasion.


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Welcome to the forum.


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Thanks - I've been a lurker for many years, and always awe-struck by the knowledge and wisdom on display!


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I believe MPB.com have a K5 at present - don't know the shutter count but they offer a 6 month warranty and some of there stuff seems fairly priced

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Thanks very much, Lenny - that looks ideal!
I'm presuming that it's not a stupid camera to buy? I've had a k100D and K200D, both of which I liked - indeed liked them a lot more than the k-01, which was a disappointment even before it conked out.
But anyway, as I say, this looks perfect.


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"I'm presuming that it's not a stupid camera to buy?"

Absolutely not. The K5 is a modern classic and produces excellent results. It's a really reliable workhorse.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Its a great camera, we're still using one that must be around 7 years plus, the low light capability of the K5ii is superb


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The design of the K5 was superb (IMO), but if you can find a K5iis you will get a few significant advantages - most of all the lack of the AA filter leading to naturally sharper images.

I still have a K5iis that doesn't get a lot of use due to owning the K1 MkII, but I took it on a trip about 18 months ago and the results hold up against the K1 (crop equivalent) - it may be getting a little long in the tooth but it is a superb camera


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Agree with comments regarding K5. Bought mine when they first appeared. Now on semi-permanent loan to one of our sons and still performing well.
Just passing thru


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Some with a K5

I've never had an issue with the camera. I still use it but do agree about a K5 IIs (it's the pinnacle of my Pentax cropped bodies).

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I've had several K-01s with generally good results but never happy without an OVF.
I now have a K5iiS and a KS-2 and while I like many of the conveniences of the KS-2 (flippy screen/WiFi) the K5 is significantly better in most respects.
It feels more substantial in the hand, more robust to use and the results are pretty well equal to my eyes.
My dream would be a K5iiiS with KS-2 features but that's not to be.
But I do think it would be worth your while to go for the later model K5 as others have suggested


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Thanks again for all the brilliant advice. I was about to press go on the K5 at MpB, but thought I'd have one last go at breathing life into the K-01. As I said, it was totally dead, although the battery was fully charged. I bought a second battery just in case, still no luck. I tried various options with the SD cardslot, as recommended on various forums, here included (I think...). It was then I decided to go for the K-5. I'd put my existing card in my old K100. Took it out and put it into the K-01, and then for no good reason I could see, it decided to fire up. Works fine again./ It may collapse in a heap soon, but until it does, I'll persist. Based on the discussion above, it seems worth waiting/watching for a 5ii. So, sorry to have wasted your time - although already I'm very glad I've signed up!


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Not at all a waste of time. If nothing else it gave us an excuse to bump up a great camera.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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I was looking through my archive and amazed as to how well the images from K10D and K-5 stand up compared to images taken with newer kit, just a shame that when something newer comes along the older cameras are suddenly surplus to requirements
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