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I have recently bought a K-3ii.
I want a flash that will do second curtain and Ideally, work as master for other P-TTL flashes.
My GX-20 did second curtain with a Pentax AF240FT, the K-3ii does not.
I briefly used a K-m/r/x (can't remember which) with on camera second curtain, this worked with an old "multi-dedicated" flash in non Pentax mode (the camera did not know the flash was there). I think this worked on the K-100 as well, but that was a long time ago.
Has anyone found a work around for this?
A "master" flash is not critical, as I have triggers.
Is there a dodge I can use, or do I have to splash out on an FZ/FGZ? I would rather use the cash for some lenses!


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Dont know if there is anything here that will help,


If not, our resident flash guru, Nigel should be able to help, if someone else doesnt beat him to it.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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No 2nd Curtain guru here, I hardly ever use the mode .... apart from tests carried out in response to forum questions that is!

2nd curtain with Pentax is a flash-based feature. This causes some confusion / annoyance when people previously have experienced a camera-based approach, which might allow 2nd curtain even with a basic manual flash. On Pentax DSLRs the 2nd Curtain flash mode relates only to a built-in flash, therefore the K3II doesn't have the mode. So, the simple answer is yes, you need a P-TTL system flash with 2nd curtain sync mode.

P-TTL wireless does not support 2nd curtain sync, so for off-camera work you could try using "dumb" optical triggering, using a flash with an "OS" or "S" slave mode that ignores the pre-flashes and waits for the main flash ..... this may or not work depending on how your flash is programmed to interpret pre-flashes and the delay.

Otherwise you could go for the new, more sophisticated way, and get the Cactus V6II and RF60x flash/es (X-TTL firmware version)..... these offer automatic 2nd Curtain Sync in both P-TTL and Manual flash modes.

Or, one more way, use a trigger with a delay setting and do the maths yourself. This will be a bit experimental, but the cheapest option.
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Thanks for the feedback.
The Cactus looks worth consideration.
I found that Metz do an upgrade download for my 48 AF-1 to make it compatible with the K-1. I have tried it and it seems to work on my K-3ii. Hopefully, this will be OK for my limited requirements.
Full marks to Metz for the support of a fairly old and superseded piece of kit. A shame Sigma do not do this with the 530.
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