Flash gels?


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Asked a simiIar question on another forum but not got much back, hoping you folks have a few opnions to share

Been building up my mobile flash kit and skills and want some colour, maybe with a gel set?

I currently have Pentax AF280 and Metz 52 flashguns and need something that attaches to the flash (unless there is a better approach) for use with reflective and shoot through umbrellas, nothing fancy

Seen a Rogue kit for 25, nice quality, tabbed gel ends so they go on/off the flash easily - but you can get a bunch of gels and a fat rubber band from China for 2 - thoughts?


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As I prefer studio lighting. I don't use speedlights too much. But I do have a set. So I have been using the Chinese 2 set with the rubber band. They may not be the sleekest design that the world has to offer. But they do work perfectly well.. You don't want the gel too close as the heat from the gun burns them. So you can easily adjust the air gap. I certainly would recommend them while you go through a learning process. Investing in a possible more professional product later.. Well for two quid what do you have to lose....?
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Just remembered. If you get a cheap Chinese holder. The best thing to get is the free Roscoe Gel trial pack from Flints... But you are charged for delivery. But many many coloured gels and unlike the Chinese ones properly listed and numbered...

https://shop.flints.co.uk/Product-Details/All/ROSECSB?proddesc=Rosco-E-colour-Sw... target="_blank" href="https://www.pentaxuser.com/images/comment_pictures/11797/11797_1530527826.jpg">

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