K-30 random exposure failure issue


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It's a sad state of affairs when defective goods are not automatically replaced if they are still under warrantee. The importance of a good retailer who looks after your interest is vital as is good design, engineering and quality control. I would be pretty furious if I was in the same situation as many posters here. If any of my Pentax gear failed, I guess I too would post about it to find out how to remedy the situation, but I haven't had to do this.


In our family we have a number of digital Pentaxes from the Optio 750Z to the X-5, the *istD to the K-1, so far none, including my son's K-30, have failed in any respect. I also have 7 original SDM lenses, none of which have ever missed a beat. It's the same with all my other Pentax lenses, new and old. I guess you could say I've been lucky, but to balance things out a little I am reporting this to let people know that it's not all bad.

So far, the only fault I can report is that my 40 year old MX is beginning to show sticky mirror symptoms. I'll be getting it serviced and CLA'd and expect it will be good for another 40 years (not that I will)


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Things go wrong from time to time, across products from all companies, but it's how that is dealt with that speaks volumes.


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The only problems I've had were my ESII failed electronically. but then it was already very heavily used when I purchased it from City Camera Exchange (or was it LCE still then.)
I then purchased two MEs, an MX. and a KII (either second hand or new end of line stock.) One ME was stolen, the rest I still have and they're all fine.
However I can report several equipment problems. My 28mm f2.8 M lens has suffered the common sticky aperture issue, but at least it didn't fall to pieces like two Vivitars that preceded it.
The other was the onboard flash failed on my K-5, otherwise the camera is still fine.
No SDM failures, no sensor issues, not even a fungus infected lens, and many are 40 years old or more.

If one does have a problem the Consumer Rights Act (or the Sale of Goods Act before it) gives you certain rights. You can ask for a digital product to be repaired or replaced if it develops a fault. And if this isn't possible or was unsuccessful you have the right to receive a price reduction which takes into account any use one has had of the item. The only time this might be problematic is if you've purchased privately, including a private seller on eBay. If a retailer doesn't help in genuine circumstances get in touch with Citizens Advice/Trading Standards. Don't blame the manufacturer though, your contract to buy wasn't with them (unless you purchased directly such as from Ricoh's own shop.)
If a camera or lens has been dropped causing breakage one cannot really expect to claim using consumer rights legislation though even then some retailers may help. In this case it's usually best to see if you are covered by your household insurance, if you're paying a premium for cover of photographic equipment it would seem daft not to make a claim.
So at the end of the day, there's no excuse to have to wait for months to get a broken camera back, but some retailers will happily let you do that if you don't insist on your rights but you'll only have yourself to blame.
Personally I'm of the opinion that Pentax cameras are more robust than their Canikon etc. counterparts. Yes they can go wrong, anything electronic can.
John K
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