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Hi, i love taking photo's, but don't have much experience, i see things and snap and i love to view other peoples beautiful pictures especially nature, i don't think i have the experience to comment on other peoples photo's, but if i do i hope you won't mind, nice to be here, and thank you to every one who has passed comments and given me constructive criticism, i really appreciate it, i suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so a lot of my photos are taken in the garden and just beyond unless i'm on a good day and then my husband takes me out, nice to meet you all, regards Maria
Kind regards Maria



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Welcome Maria.

There's certainly nothing wrong with enjoying taking photos without all the depth of technical skill that some have. If you have an eye for a picture, you'll produce good pictures. You're certainly in a great part of the country to have lots of exciting things to shoot.

Please do comment, all contributions are most welcome!
Best regards, John


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Welcome to the forum Maria
CFS? isnt that Cant Find Somethingtophotograph?

Stick with us and we'll have you snapping like a pro in no time
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Hi Maria...Nice to have you aboard..
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G'day and welcome.


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Hi Maria and welcome to our friendly (mostly) site

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

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Hi Maria, welcome and please enjoy the site. The guys/girls on the site have such a wealth of experience that you can benefit from, I know I have!
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fatspider wrote:
Welcome to the forum Maria
CFS? isnt that Cant Find Somethingtophotograph?

Stick with us and we'll have you snapping like a pro in no time

Ha yes, i take a light hearted view of C.F.S. too, i pretend it's gone lol
Kind regards Maria



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Thanks for the greetings everyone, and i'd like to thank you all for your help and tips, nice to meet you, best wishes Maria
Kind regards Maria



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Hi and welcome to the forum, glad to have you aboard.


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Well, Hello there Maria. Greetings to you from the USA. Just wanted to let you know in response to your question about that Grotto in my Portfolio, it was built by one of the residents of the Town named Barnesville that no longer exists because of a Mine Fire in the town of Centralia that is just up the road. He built this with his own money and lots of time. I really don't know just who the man was or what his name is.

The Mine Fire in Centraila has been burning for more than 50 yrs. It was started by accident when someone dumped some trash down an old mine shaft and then tried to burn it. The trash burned, but in the process started the Coal in the Mine Shaft on fire. The Fire has been burning for so long now and just seems that it can't be put out.

Barnesville was in the way of one of the many Coal Mine Shafts that started burning, so it was decided to move everyone in the Town away from the Fire and destroy all the buildings. Where the town used to be is now nothing but empty space over-grown with weeds and trees. You have to know what used to be there. Otherwise you would never know that a Town once existed at that spot.

Regards to you
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Hi Maria

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Hi Maria and welcome to the forum. To me, everybody's pictures (not mine!!) are an art form and as such this is the place to view some absolutely stunning examples. It is also the place to make some wonderful friends and learn a great deal if you are so inclined. So please contribute and ask questions. All 'art' should be discussed while the technical side can be adjudicated. I hope you enjoy your stay and best wishes,

I gladly welcome C & C's. Being foggy minded they really help me learn.
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