John Riley - Twelve from 2014


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Nice idea of David's, so here goes with my twelve.

January a trip to Skippool was cut short by a bit of flooding, but the pub lunch was good.

February our wildlife shooting started to improve with plenty of practice.

March brought some experimental shots, this one from Whitby.

April was my birthday and brought the 10-17mm lens.

May I had the chance to try out the Sigma 500mm f/4.5 lens. Only six were ever made in Pentax fit and only one made it into the UK.

June we had some great photo shoots at some great places, including owls at Rutland Water.

July saw changes as my Mum came to live with us, but we still managed to get out and about.

August was a month of model shoots.

September found me using the Pentax Q system, especially with the new 15-45mm lens.

October the Pentax Q-S1 was the new toy.

November we had a date with Paloma Faith.

December was more wildlife shooting.

An enjoyable year, and all comments are very welcome.
Best regards, John
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Nice set John. Some of them I remember you posting although my favourite is actually November which i don't remember seeing before...Pop Music meets the Blitz.




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A most varied selection .... favourites for me are February's little bird, Junes Owl with its lovely soft Bokeh, and July (is that Portmeiron?) where I like the crisp clean whites of the facade.
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Thanks for the comments. Nigel, yes, July is Portmeirion.
Best regards, John


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Very nice John... Really like the experimenting in March, and both of the owl shots... And the scary bird with the red head (pheasant? Sorry, clueless about birds) looking straight to camera (May) is a cracker...




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Pheasant it is. It wanders constantly around the Janet Kear hide at Martin Mere.
Best regards, John
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As usual from you John, a varied and interesting set expertly photographed. I love the experimentation in Whitby, the Portmeirion image and the gig shot. I'm no expert on bird photography but they are all very colourful and sharp and a joy to view. Perhaps the weakest, for me, is the portrait, the lighting seems very harsh.



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A lovely selection from throughout the year. Love the Pheasant shot.


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Very good set.I too spotted the Portmeirion shot as July.....should of course have been June's picture. Be Seeing You......
Everything Changes


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A very mixed bunch John! Love April's fisheye effect and the mean look on the pheasant!


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Wonderful set! My favourites are January and April, but I also enjoy very much the bird shots.



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Love the attitude of the pheasant staring down the barrel but someone has definately been pulling your leg over the lens numbers as several members on here have or have had one!



Link Posted 06/01/2015 - 16:55
several members on here have or have had one!

The Sigma 500mm f/4.5 AF prime lens? One member on here has one for sure.
Best regards, John


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johnriley wrote:
several members on here have or have had one!

The Sigma 500mm f/4.5 AF prime lens? One member on here has one for sure.

Yeah thats the one, there's definately more than 5 in the UK alone so whoever gave you those numbers must have been smoking something. Even Jessops have had them in stock in the past!



Link Posted 06/01/2015 - 17:45
Chris at SRS had never seen or heard of the lens, but of course it depends on the actual designation and I don't have the details handy for this particular model. It's the one before the current one. Of course the rarity isn't the lens, it's the lens in Pentax fit.
Best regards, John
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