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My new K5 with 18-135 lens is just out of the box and I am sitting at this screen typing this because I have to wait for the battery to charge.

I have a Kx with the 18-55 & 50-200 lens kit but felt that I wanted to upgrade as I have joined a camera club and even though I have had a few placings and a 1st. All you lot raving about the K5 just made me want one. Was going to get the body only and use my old lenses but found a site that was doing intrest free credit so had to get the 18-135. Now all I have to hope that santa will get me the 100 2.8 macro WR.
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I know exactly how you feel, that battery charging takes about 6.5 hrs if I remember right. Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your 18-135 lens, its had some good reviews and I just love the convenience of mine. I too have the 100 2.8 macro WR on my wish list, so if anyone is thinking of selling one on - I'm still waiting with fingers crossed.
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Enjoy the new cam, it is quite nice.
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Hello and welcome...what is that site by the way

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Hi John.

Take care.
Chris R.

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