Is this purple fringing?


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Only my RAW photos have this on the edges.Any help appreciated thanks.


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That's not purple fringing. It looks more like a camera problem to me.
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Looks like a rubbish lens and wrong colour balance to me
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Definitely a camera issue
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Or a software issue?



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Or card error
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Have you set something like cross processing?
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Which RAW developer are you using? In camera JPEGs and most development software discards some of the RAW data at the edges of frames as this is not intended to be part of the image but is there for technical reasons beyond me (error checking? black level referencing?) Try a different programme to develop your RAWs and see what happens. RAWTherapee is free and gives me some good results.
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If it is not present in camera Jpegs, it would seem to be a software problem rather than the camera, as others have advised. Assuming that you have displayed the complete (downsized) frame, the aspect ratio should be closer to 2:3, e.g. for a K-5 a width of 526 should have a height of 794 not 800. So the complete image is there plus 6 extra pixel rows, 5 at the top and 1 at the bottom. But no idea why - sorry.



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What camera are you using?

What software are you using to convert your raw files?

Have you tried 'developing' your RAW files in the camera to jpegs to see if the issue persists?

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Looks like a software problem to me .....what you using?


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Thanks for posting your comments.
The camera is a K5-II,I use mostly picasa though I also use photoshop elements 2012
the lens is 18-135 wr,I have three different cards so will check to see if its only on one of them.


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Just checked both my Lexar 8GB card and Duracell are affected.Haven't got RAW on the other card.
Could it be the camera?


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If you have other lenses it is worth checking to see if they exhibit the same problem as that's an easy test - however I think it unlikely that the lens is at fault.

If the in camera jpegs are OK logically the problem would be either the raw format files are faulty or the software you are using for raw conversion isn't handling them properly. As has been suggested before I would try another raw converter to see if that has the same problem and also as suggested I would go to RawTherapee for that test.

If both of these tests are negative that leaves the raw files themselves being corrupt, it might then be worth varying how you transfer the files to your computer just in case the problem is occuring in file transfer i.e. switch between USB cable transfer and transferring via memory card.

My money's on your raw conversion software being the likeliest cause.



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Are you using DNG or PEF?
Try switching to the other one and see if that also produces the same results.
As Rob says it could be your raw converter isn't handling the file format correctly. By switching format you may be able to see if that is the case.
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