Is there a market for my MZ-5N and gear?


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I have a silver MZ-5N plus Pentax 28-80mm F3.5-5.6 FA lens, Sigma 100-300mm F4.5-6.7 UC AF lens, Centon FG30D dedicated flash, Pentax fitted case for the camera, plus all original boxes and manuals. Everything is in perfect condition, looks almost as new. It would be nice to find a good home for all this as I will never use it, and it would also be nice to get back a little cash to put towards something new and shiny for my K7! I'd appreciate views on whether there is a market for this kit and what I could realistically expect. I guess the best place to advertise would then be on the classified forum on this site? Any views appreciated! (I couldn't find any existing posts on this topic). Thanks all, Jo


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There is a market, but unfortunately (or fortunately if you're buying!) film bodies don't go for much, unless they're the real classics. I would expect about 30 to 40 for the body and 28-80 lens. But the fitted case might add a tad more. Not sure about the Sigma zoom, perhaps about 50-60?

I would be tempted to hold on to the MZ5N, to be honest. It looks a nice camera and in fact it will work with many DA lenses in Tv mode. Shooting film from time to time is quite refreshing, and you can take a film camera places where you'd dare not take your DSLR...


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Thanks for a helpful and comprehensive reply. I guess I'm not terribly surprised, so perhaps I'll hang on to it all and try some film for fun. I was interested to see that many photography degree courses include film photography, processing etc so hopefully there's a body of young photographers keeping film alive!


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There is! Plenty of suppliers of film about still and a surprising amount of people still using older film cameras! It's worth having a go!
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If you really want to sell advertise it on here, there are still plenty of PU members daft enough to use film.

Me amongst them and I've been looking for a MZ-5N body.
Cheers, HG

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Me amongst them and I've been looking for a MZ-5N body.

Oh I have one of those you can have for a fiver HG, it doesn't work though
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