Resurrecting my ME Super


Link Posted 31/05/2011 - 16:34
I got my ME Super down from the loft last night.
All looks in working order except dead batteries.

Was just wondering where is good to bu film from - probably BW.
And any recommendations for getting it developed, plus scanned onto a cd in hi res as I don't possess a scanner. Thanks!


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Boots is good for 3 for 2 film at the moment if you want to go out and buy it. Poundland also does £1 films for checking things are ok! You might have problems with the light seals on the camera, so don't use it to take wedding shots without testing it first! Seals are easy and cheap to replace though - the kit from here (Interslice on ebay, for when the link times out) is excellent and comes with easy to follow instructions.

As for processing, for a first test roll, either boots or your local supermarket will do - they'll scan too. Afterwards, everyone has their own preference! I scan my own, but tend to get them developed in Photographique in Bristol - they are both good and on my way to work..
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For a wider choice of films try Silverprint. For not-cheap but excellent dev, print and scan try "The Darkroom UK". For cheaper dev only try Peter Elgar from here. For wonderful colour print film try Kodak Ektar 100 (but not as your test roll!). For BW... well there are still quite a few to choose from. Ilford Delta 100 is wonderfully fine grained stuff. Kodak BW400CN is available from Boots on the 3 for 2 offer, has a wide exposure latitude and can be developed by high street labs as it is a C41 process film.

HTH and enjoy using the ME Super, a lovely camera.

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These days I normally just use B&W film in my film cameras but I have just been given an Olympus M10 by someone who didn't use it any more. It came with a colour film so I ran that through it to see if it worked. Happily I found my local Tesco's were happy to neg develop and scan to CD without prints for the princely sum of £1.98! It took less than an hour and came with a little ( postcard size) proof print sheet.
All in all very impressive for the price....and you can do your weekly shopping while you wait.
The scans were 1MB jpegs so not brilliant quality but not at all bad either, and perfectly acceptable for a test film!
.........all the gear, no idea!
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I get OOD B&W from ebay and develop myself using a rondinax 35u tank, search ebay for these as they crop up regularly and sell for around £15

LINK for some info on the Rondinax.
Cheers, HG

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Try Amazon for film - Calumet Photographic sell via their marketplace and you can generally find Ilford HP5 10-packs for £32 or so which is the cheapest way to buy it. I'm on my second multipack in as many years and it's great stuff.

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Thanks very much for your help. I will let you know how I get on.


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I have had good results with Ilford from Boots - I think Hartman develop & put on disc.
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I buy my black and white film on bulk rolls of 30mt and put them on the spools with a daylight bulk film loader. I get the film from First Call. I've found the Legacy pro 100 is a good film with close grain and good contrast, and its cheaper than buying seperate rolls. But some places dont like developing self loaded film. So best check if boots will first. I think they most likely will. I dont have the problem of finding someone to develope them though as I develope my own. Then make my own prints.
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