Is it time fo an Amigo


Link Posted 29/03/2015 - 14:07
With full frame around the corner are the DA Limiteds going to be be ok without any vignetting. Would the 3 Amigos :- FA 31, 43, 77 Limiteds be a safer bet?

Are the FAs going to be upgraded with HD coating, WR, DC motor?

Is now the right time to buy?


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I think the 3 FA's might appreciate (even if they get upgraded), since the newer versions may not have the aperture ring. They also won't have the same coating which helps produce that magical rendering. The HD DA 20-40mm is a fantastic lens for instance, but to me the rendering is more clinical (if that makes sense). The sigma 18-35mm again very good, but even more clinical. I can see some people seeking out the FA rendering.

There's a list on the US forum of DA imaging circle testing (on FF). Some provide the full circle some don't.


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Nobody knows. The current FA Limiteds are something special, get one if you feel the need and don't wait for something that might orr might not come.
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The three FA Limited lenses are very, very classy and they are fine to buy just as they are. Whether or not they get "upgraded" is something else - the only things that might be added are HD coatings, losing the aperture rings and QuickShift on the focusing mechanism. Whether or not that's progress would be debatable.
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