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Although it is not written specifically for Pentax, this is one of the best reads I have had for a long time.


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Thanks for the link - puts things back into some sort of perspective. However there are situations where it is useful to underexpose and be able to push exposure in PP; eg in order to gain a faster shutter speed in low light or with action in low light in order to capture a sharp image - not that I do a lot of that!


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Interesting indeed and it is true that so many people these days are obsessed with gobbing off (excuse the phrase) about pseudo technical excellence in cameras, lenses, sharp!, sharp!, sharp! pixel peeping, one-upmanship etc boring etc. It's the same with some who own a particular brand of camera not pointing a finger here - honest! yet repeatedly slag their choice of brand off at every opportunity because it doesn't focus as fast as X brand or has the features of Y brand or it doesn't have as many up-to-date lenses as Z brand, or it's sooo ten years ago and so on and so on and so on.

I seriously wonder sometimes if the whingers and moaners ever actually indulge in any meaningful and enjoyable photography or if photography is just a vehicle for them to whine on as a distraction from their miserable lives.

Rant over!!!
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Pixel peeping is one area in which Pentax are the bees knees. Especially with their version of Pixel Shift. No other camera comes near!!! So please stop posting nonsense!

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What really makes me laugh is that having spent thousands on-top end gear, most of the photos get reduced to a 1000 pixels across and are looked at for half a second on a mobile phone smaller than an old fashioned 6x4 print from Boots...
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Nonsense! We should have cameras with no discernible noise at the pixel level at ISO 1024000. Lenses should be so sharp, even at f/1.4 that every pixel resolves detail, on the in focus regions. They should also defy the laws of physics so that at f/22 they resolve just as much detail with no diffraction.

Take home message; take pictures and have fun!

My K-5 may have a lot more noise than a CaNiSo FF monster am at the pixel level at high sensitivity. That doesn't mean the images are not good or not usable. My night shots from Berlin in 2017 are a great example. Mostly ISO 3200+. Is the noise even visible in print (A4) or at viewing sizes (27" screen)? Nope.



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Itís not the speed of the focusing thatís the problem itís just that it canít keep it it is always hunting


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stu62 wrote:
Itís not the speed of the focusing thatís the problem itís just that it canít keep it it is always hunting

Doesn't if you prefocus with the rear button before taking the shot. Any camera is likely to hunt using the half-press on the shutter release at the point of exposure. If one keeps the camera on a permanent autofocus system it tends to eat the battery faster due to the fact it is always hunting for the perfect focus. Par for the course.
What would be the point of pre focussing an image accurately only to have the camera change it at the moment of exposure when the shutter release is pressed? (And it isn't just Pentax cameras that would do that if you let them.)
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I think you've got the wrong thread here, this is about Pixel peeping and image enlargement!

In any case, should any Pentax user have concerns about other sorts of enlargement issues, then we only have to close our eyes and fantasize about all forthcoming new gear releases from Pentax, that should bring on the desired result!
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