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The SP 500 and 1000 have no self timer. The SP F has a meter that always operates when there is more than 3EV of light, so it always needs a lens cap.

Therefore, I suggest a SP II as the ideal choice.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks John, a veritable mine of useful information as always. The SPII does sound a good choice.

Now to hunt the bargain pages, fleabay etc...

It is ironic that the fancier modern cameras get the more I enjoy playing with the basics. I've been eyeing up a Holga pinhole camera too And yet, I rarely leave the house without the K10 these days. Best of both worlds.

Many thanks, Kris.
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womble wrote:
Hefty... was it the Sonnar you were after when you ended up with a trunk full of camera bits?

Nope, I was down the auction bidding on some nice Doulton china and saw this Zeiss Pancolar 50/1.8 winking at me from a crate of camera junk - dug a little deeper, saw what else was in there and decided to have a bid on that too. Proving to be quite profitable so far!

Not really had a proper play with the Pancolar yet but it hasn't grabbed me the same way the Sonnar did so I may well sell that too eventually; although I'll see if it grows on me first...
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rparmar I dont have much need to sign up at the moment, im always looking at stuff there but never need to comment.

bought it from SRS, postage was 40pounds but it was still the cheapest place i could find. Didnt bother looking locally, and the irish camera sites are insanely overpriced.

Im just praying that my cashback is ok,

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Well I completely blew myself away last night when I put a Chinon 50 1.9 on my K20D, it had been hiding in my mums house for around 12 years waiting patiently
Now my dog and cat think the are super models and i'm getting stuck in learning the M mode..
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I've found Chinon lenses in general offer very good performance for comparatively few £££'s - the 50/1.9 should be more than capable
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A small update

I bought a 50mm 2.0f A prime about a month ago. which I like, though personally 50mm is a bit long for me.

So have just bought a battered looking(well cosmetically used) 28mm 2.8f from ebay for 20euro I quite enjoy the manual focusing.

The 50mm came with a metal strong metal lens hood, which I love so much because it save my K20D and the 50mm from a fall out of the back seat of the car, as someone pulled the jacket it was wrapped in out. The lens hood bent in a little bit but took all the damage and shock.

So I guess i got lucky!

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28mm is very nice on digital. I have about 8 lenses of that length, though I am thinking of cutting down.
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RaV wrote:
Ok, that sounds good

Just bought a cheap 50mm A 2.0 from ebay. Maybe not too 'interesting' but ill take it from there

a Nifty Fifty is the best possible introduction to the delights of prime photography. Be careful though, they're adictive!!

if you want a "standard" lens for a Pentax DSLR, you can't go wrong with the Zeiss Flektogon 35mm F2.4. I picked up a Flek and a Sonnar together with an old Practica body in a bag for £20 at a local charity shop. Probably my best ever bargain!
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