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Link Posted 20/04/2011 - 11:06
Hi Guys,

I've rescued my old Tamron 500mm mirror lens (manual focus-fixed aperture)with an adapter of ebay. I'm not sure it focuses fully at infinity but it works locally. This is my first attempt which has been cropped (bird was some 15m away)

Now the crunch -I've uploaded the image to the gallery where it can be seen but when I copy a shortcut to this page (between [img][img]) it doesn't show - what am I doing wrong



Link Posted 20/04/2011 - 11:39
AFIK you can't link to the image gallery ! You'll need to use Photobucket or similar to host the image
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Link Posted 20/04/2011 - 12:02
Thanks Cisco

I thought that as there is a dedicated gallery

It would be easier to use this than a 3rd party

ps I'll try again to get onto flikr or photobucket - snag last time I tried I couldn't get past all the pop ups and channelling into pro options


Link Posted 20/04/2011 - 13:05
I have discovered that if you click on the little sqate withe the red x then the photo appears in another windoe

I've now opened a photobucket account so I'll restart the post as I wanted an opinion on the lens.

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