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Link Posted 02/12/2013 - 01:53
My lad just turned 14 and has the fun of a Photography Class at school!

I decided to get him a used *ist DS for his birthday and took it for a spin today.

We had a ride over to the local bike haunt and I sent him off on auto mode to try and frame a few snaps with his new tool.

I was truly surprised by the excellent results, forgetting that 6mp used to be the dogs dangly's in the camera market.

However, back at the ranch, the pictures have produced some massively over saturated reds. Does anyone know how this may be fixed without making me read a 200 page manual for a camera I don't own?


As a comparison this, although a little erm vivid, has a charm to it, but still, that coke cooler seems to jump out with the same abrasive quality...


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It doesn't help in your case, but my 100d regularly produced bright orange type colours indoor (badly balancing for artificial light) and ridiculous green/yellow tones in 'landscape' mode on the selection dial.

That's one area that's not talked about much, but one I'm really liking having moved to the K-30.

6MP is fine for web display, which is where probably 90% of peoples final shots tend to end up these days!

Nice framing on the 2nd shot by the way


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Nice shots, been a while since I've been to the barn


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Check the JPEG settings and use "Natural" to get realistic results. Maybe it's set to "Vivid" or maybe the saturation has been turned up.

Clipping of the reds is common in digital cameras of its day, so if there's no detail in the red areas then they have been over-exposed.

There could be all sort of things, so maybe resetting factory defaults and then reading the manual is the way to go?
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Try setting a Colour Space AdobeRGB or sRGB.
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I have and still occasionally use a DS. Never had that problem, I'd reset everything back to the factory defaults.
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Link Posted 02/12/2013 - 18:30
Thanks guys. I only get the little fella at weekends so I'll work with him on Saturday to see if I can't find the solution.

It was a learning experience for us both. The rear screen doesn't give much away and I think we had increased the exposure for the affected pictures. It may just be over exposure as John has suggested.

Thanks again...your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Sometimes I'm serious and sometimes not, but I consider sarcasm an artform. Which is it today?
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