I can't find the sign.


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Just stopped form a wee tea break and thought I'd relate events earlier on this morning.
Roughly about 8.30am and my wife and I are outside, I'm chopping logs the wife is supervising and telling me where I'm going wrong!
Car pulls up and out jumps a chap wearing DPM cammo gear .."scuse me are you the photographer?
me; " I like to think I am"
Chap; "Oh good can you tell me if there are any deer near here?"
me; "Yes there's about two dozen stags down there about half a mile away" I point in the right direction
Without a thank you or any other comment aforesaid chap jumps into large expensive 4x4 and hares off down single track road at high speed. The deer which were just about to cross the road panic and run of up the hill about 600yards.
The chap, leaps out of his car, slams the drivers door shut opens tailgate retrieves tripod, huge lens and camera slams tailgate shut
and hurriedly and clumsily tries to set up tripod, lens and camera trying to get images of running stags.
Meanwhile lady companion gets out of car, slams door shut , opens rear passenger door retrieves binoculars
and slams door shut.
After about three maybe four minutes couple put kit away and drive off down the glen. Now a point to remember is our glen is a dead end, one way in one way out. Half an hour later car is coming back up the glen again at high speed and the deer which had been approaching the road ready to cross promptly clear off again! This time car carries on and sweeps into our drive and skids to a halt on out gravel drive.

"These deer are not easy to photograph are they"
me; "Well yes, if you approach them slowly and quietly. In fact young stags will walk towards you to see what you are"
After a wee bit more banal inane chatter from this chap off he goes out of our drive at high speed after reversing over part of our lawn in his 4x4 and leaving wheel ruts in the grass.
Ten minutes later two elderly ladies and a younger lady turn up and...
"Hello are you the photographer ?"
me; "Err possibly"
Lady " Well my daughter got married in September and we've just got the DVD with all the images on and they are terrible, it really is heartbreaking. Could you take a look at them and sort them out and make some nice prints from them?"
me; " Sorry no can do"
I then went on to explain carefully all about copyright, and that the answer lies with the person who took them. I then asked why they had chosen someone who's work they hadn't seen prior to the wedding?
The answer. "Oh you where much to expensive But if you could sort these out and print about twenty or so we're prepared to pay about a 100 "
"Sorry you need to talk to the photographer who took them"
With that they climb into Nissan Micra and leave.
I then spent the next half an hour searching my property thoroughly looking for this huge bright neon sign that says "Eeejit lives here, please feel free to be obnoxious"
But I just cannot find it anywhere.

Oh well back to the logs, only another 7 ton to do.


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They aren't picking on you in particular, they just don't really understand....
Best regards, John


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I thought you were going to reveal that the guy in the 4x4 did the wedding shoot as well.


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Maybe it's a stag do!!!!!
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