how secure are clip/push on diffusers


Link Posted 02/04/2014 - 18:11
I'm thinking of buying a flash diffuser, probably spending the extra cash for a genuine Stofen, but the question is how good is the fit?

This would be for use outdoors so I don't want something that's going to be easily knocked off and lost if the camera is slung over my shoulder.
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The Stofen is made of thicker material than the cheap copies. It is a nice tight fit and I've never known it fall off. I've never known the copy fall off either but the Stofen feels a nicer bit of kit.
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The stofen is a good tight fit. You would have to do a hard knock on the flash for it to come off. Good piece of kit.
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I have a cheap copy from china and have to say that it holds very good on mi flash.


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Don't know why I happened to stumble on this tonight, bit of a coincidence, but have a look at this regarding using a flash diffuser outdoors.

Stofen Diffuser
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Thanks for the input guys, interesting link from dangie, I would have thought any form of diffuser would soften the light, even outdoors

Anyway, I did want it for indoor use too so still a great help from everyone, thanks.

Better go search for a Stofen
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I always use electrical (PCV, Laservic) tape at the rear of the diffuser to the flash head to ensure it stays on.

Several of my guns are well scared from walls or tables due to swinging around on harnesses. I have had a diffuser knocked off the flash due to this.

Not suggesting of course that you treat your kit with the same disregard though.

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