How do you find your K7


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I just want to find out what you think about your K7 as i am in the process of getting money together to buy a K7 either new or second hand.
I have read everything i can find but now so to speak i would like to hear it from the horse's mouth. And please the good and the bad if there are any bad points at all.
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Steve Chasey

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K7 a good piece of kit for most needs. I migrated from the K20 with which is shares the same processor, so my obs are more to do with the improvements in useablity.

I like in particular the ease of changing the ISO without going into the menue functions.
I'd have prefered the same chasis as the K20 as I find the fit to my hands isn't quite as good.
Live View works (if that's afunction you want)- on the K20 it was not very user friendly
Above 1600 ISO, it is supposed to struggle compared to more recent offreings. Not a problem for me - I'm more a landscape photographer than people or sports 'tog, so I rarely ever use any setting above 400, let alone 1600.
Like all bodies, the better the lens on the front, the better the result.

I like the K7. It's the body I take out and about most in a non work related role (K10 now used for work stuff). Pentax user controls are easy to use, logical and will cover more than most of us here will every use. It's a good buy, especially now the price is down below £700.

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Thanks for that Steve it cetainely gives me more to think about.
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I haven't got one Steve, but can share my perception from what I've seen posted here previously.

The K7 was the dogs wotsits, and was generally lauded as such. Then the K5 came out, and its as if the dog has had one of its wotsits cut off

Basically, what I'm saying is that replies will, in many instances, be clouded by how good the K5 is



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I had a K-7 and loved it.
Superb handling, ISO is good up to 1600 and after that fine with some NR software. AF is better than K20D and the little extras on it made it worthwhile for me.

I did sell it for the K-5 as I was looking for better AF and in that respect I am not completely convinced its that much better than the K-7.

I am currently looking for a used one at a decent price as a second body
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vic cross

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I normally just look in my camera bag and there it is. Seriously though there is only one word for it ..GREAT. maybe another...FABULOUS. CHEERS Vic.
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I upgraded from the K10D to the K-7, I like it. Its the ideal weight and size for me, and will perform (if I get it right) to my requirements.


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I did sell it for the K-5 as I was looking for better AF and in that respect I am not completely convinced its that much better than the K-7.

That's interesting Mike, I've been reading alot of how much better the K5 is and had decided not to consider a K7.

Now though..
Cheers, HG

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Father Ted

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I'm hoping to find my K7 under the tree with a nice note from Santa.....not a lot of hope of that though
Getting there! Thanks to you guys

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Hardgravity wrote:

That's interesting Mike, I've been reading alot of how much better the K5 is and had decided not to consider a K7.

Now though..

I didn't really have the camera long enough before I sent it back for the stain problem. I need to do a bit more testing .. preferably at an air show or similar but it has been a bit difficult what with not having the camera for 6 weeks (and counting).
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Went from a K100D to the K7.

Brilliant camera. Great to use and I love the results that I am now getting from it.

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Went from GX10 to K-7. Not for lots of use in low light(Highest ISOs)but that rarely affects me. Lovely weight and enough settings to shake a stick at, but once you get the logic of the menus it is very intuitive and easy to use. Still miss my GX sometimes for it's "rugged" nature, but prefer the "soft Touch" of the K-7 most of the time.

Great size and weight.

Couldn't say anything really bad ..... cos it's by my side listening.
John (VonBatCat)

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I got a second hand K-7 after several K100Ds.
Love the body, the right buttons in the right place. The fantastic fine detail of all those pixels. The low illumination light really works without nasty flashes. Multi adjustment for lenses is fantastic. Compact with the DA40ltd onboard. Good time to buy !
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It will all depend on a number of factors, and what you photograph.

Firstly, what was your previous camera (or should I say current camera)
If, for example you are coming from a 6mp body (*ist series, K100D etc) or a 10MP body (K200D K10D), then the K-7 is a logical upgrade. You will get a better AF, better resulution, better low light performance, and more FPS.

If, however, your current body is the K20D, then the IQ will be the same. the only difference will be more FPS and a smaller magnesium body.

So, unless you are shooting a lot of low light, sports or nature photographs, or you have a K20D, the K-7 will serve you very well.
And anyway, it has the same well designed body as the K-5.

Hope this helps
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Its fine, low light is the Achilles heel but even this isn't too bad. In good light it behaves very well. ISO100 the quality is excellent. Its a good size, ergonomics are good, massively configurable, battery life is excellent. Just the high ISO is not as good as it could have been.

At the risk of incuring the wrath of the OCD sharpness police.

K-7, ISO800, F2.8, 1/125s, manual focus, Voigtlander nokton 58mm, hand held after 3 coffees, sat 2/3 of the way back of the theatre auditorium.

Imported from raw with slight de-noise and 100%crop.
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