How do I do time lapse K5ii


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Hello again.
After how helpful this forum was with lens advice I have another in for you.
I'll remind you that I'm new to this
I would love to capture the night sky and as I live in the middle of wales we have some brilliant dark clean skies.
I have the Pentax K5ii and a 10-20 mm wide angle lens.
I have a tripod
I have no remote.
Thank you all


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Go into recording menu (2) and choose the "interval shooting'' item. Here you choose the number of photos and time interval between them. When ready scroll up to ' start shooting'' and press ok.

The camera will fire the shots as per whatever settings you had made prior to activating interval shooting' .... So for example, M exposure mode with f5.6 and 30 seconds time value should give reasonable results with a starry sky, at ISO 100. Time value is limited to a maximum of 30 seconds though, so if its not bright enough then you'd need to try a wider aperture ... You might increase ISO a little bit , but I wouldn't go beyond 800 with a night sky even on a K5.

You won't need a remote as the shots are fired automatically. Focus should be set manually and left untouched during the whole sequence.
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Thank you so much. Really helpful and I will post some pics when done.


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That's a menu I have barely even looked at - I too will have a play with it.
Thank you both for question AND answer
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Having just shot a timelapse of the Solar Eclipse using the "interval shooting" feature of my K5, here are my time-lapse tips (not astrophotography related):

- Use manual exposure and expose for antipated extremes of exposure.
- Use manual focus.
- Set manual white balance (I always forget this).
- Use JPG mode (if you don't want to cope with Gbytes of images).
- Remember to switch of shake reduction as you are on a tripod.

I have been using Sony Vegas to convert my images into a movie sequence, but I am sure there are many lighter weight programmes if you don't need to edit. the movie. There can be quite a few subtleties as to how images are converted to movie (e.g. sharp transition between frames or fade between images).

I find selecting the injterval rate of images is something I am not on top of yet. Do you want the final result to be a speeded up smooth video, or a sequence of image jumps? Lots of opportunity for fun.

Have you checked out ? I would expect lots of useful information about astrophotography there.



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As a side comment, if you time-lapse stops half way through, for no reason, then this has happened to me several times using the built in intervalometer too.

Looking forward to seeing your results, it can be a pretty fun activity.
Make sure you have something to batch edit a lot of shots afterwards, so you can apply any changes to all quickly.

As mentioned above, a movie is 2MP frames at full HD, so you might want to consider shooting smaller files than you normally would for stills work. Technically though you can make a 4k movie (~8MP still image size) this way if you were so inclined and had the editing software to allow a file of this size to be output.
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