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Had a very enjoyable drive across France, stop off in Lucerne and then onto Lake Garda, before heading off up the Brenner Pass, into Austria and an overnighter in Bavaria before a long drive up to Calais and home. Unfortunately the car was locked in overnight at Garda and couldn't get out for dawn. Not a hell of a lot to photograph during my dawn wanders. Bavaria was beautiful but with the kids in tow and only one day there it was impossible to get out. Looked an amazing spot for dawn mists with white churchs reflected in Lakes. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. I managed to take a selection of holiday snaps from other spots so prepare to be bored.

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Those beautiful images are hardly "holiday snaps" by any standard. Superb photography.
Best regards, John


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johnriley wrote:
Those beautiful images are hardly "holiday snaps" by any standard. Superb photography.

I was about to say the same. Absolutely superb! My favourite is the 4th image of the bench, I love the warm tones and tranquility it evokes.
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Thanks John and Crossed-Up

I think it was the frustration I felt at being surrounded by so many amazing possibilities and being aware of my 'duties' as Dad. The thunderstorm was as we were leaving a restaurant a couple of hundred yards from the campsite. Never tried to catch a lightning strike before and it was fun trying.

I'd also liked to have done the old Brenner Pass road under the modern motorway. Bavaria is the place though. We stayed in Fussen about 2 miles from Neuschwanstein Castle. I'd love to have a go at that in winter.
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If Carlsberg did holiday snaps.....

Great stuff, Mark, I especially like the second and third ones, but they are all excellent.

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We plan to sometime, not sure when though. Cliche it may be, but there's a castle just waiting for our cameras!
Best regards, John


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They are all well above "holiday snaps" but 1,4 and 5 really stand out for me.
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Cheers mate

Big problem was the weather - knocking on 100 every day. No clouds in the sky and almost white with haze. No good for a pale blue Scotsman.

Pleased you picked out the second one. It was a handheld bracketed (5 shot) exposure with the DA18-250 and none of them were particularly fast at around 1/6th (and it was after a couple of nice beers and a 500 mile drive). Really happy with the way it turned out. A nice travel lens that one.


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You have an eye.

Great work.

Best regards


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Thanks Barrie.

By the way - one with your Samsung 12-24 at dawn this morning. Haven't played with colours at all, just decreased clarity slightly. A nice lens mate and thank you for the safe delivery.

Thanks K10D
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Absolutely superb 'holiday snaps'

Would love to see more!!!
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Frustrating as it must have been not to have full on photo time, you have some stunning images here. I echo the sentiment in wanting to see more as you have a great eye for an opportunity and then great composition in the photographs.


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At risk of repeating 'superb', I'll just say..

.. marvellous.

If they'll take the enlargement, any one of these is good enough to hang on a wall. There's so much great composition in each one that it would take an essay to work through it all.

Thanks for sharing them.
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All good and a nice variety of shot but I like 1 and in particular 5.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined
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Got ya sel some canny "snaps" there kidda
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