high speed birds in flight


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hi, does anyone know what settings to use on my pentax flash so that i can capture birds in flight? i have the camera set on manual but the birds are not sharp. many thanks h
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you should not need a flash you should use shutter speeds of 1/1000sec and afc focus mode and good paning.


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If you use a flash your shutter speed is limited to 1/180th unless you use High Speed Synch, in which case the flash power is attenuated and is therefore of minimal use. 1/180th is not fast enough to freeze that kind of motion.

Why do you think flash is necessary for birds in flight?

A fast shutter speed is needed so use Tv mode and adjust the other two exposure variables (aperture and ISO) to suit the scenario.
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dont bother trying to use your flash, if its a dull day boost your iso up a smidge to 800, and put your camera on Av mode and leave the rest for your camera to work out, if its a bright day then dip your iso down back to 200 as most pentax cameras are unless you have a K7 or a K5.

Also use a monopod as it does not restrict your panning movement .

Hope this helps you

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sorry for the delay, have been busy working shifts.
Many thanks for all your comments.
I was only going to use flash because someone told me that was what he uses. And allthough i want to take the birds in flight in the day, as its gloomy ole england it is very dark. as my k5 still hasnt arrived yet Im using the K20d. and fixed sigma 400mm lens.
I have set some bird feeders up at work and see the ltt most days. so i would like an in focus in flight picture of at least one.
Any info is gratefully recieved.
many thanks again
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