Hi from Newcastle


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Hello everyone, Jill here. Would you believe I've had a Pentax dSLR (K100D) for 2.5 years and only stumbled on this site last week!

I haven't got too much gear yet, and am nowhere near knowing what I'm doing but I'm having some fun finding out.

Oh well, nice meeting you...must do this again...


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Hi Jill and welcome to the forum
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Hi Jill, nice to have another member in Newcastle.


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A big Geordie welcome Jill. I was born in Newcastle and now live in Durham
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Thanks, I'm glad I've found this site it seems very friendly and lots of good advice (which is just what I need being somewhat of a novice).



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Hi Jill and welcome. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your photos.

I gladly welcome C & C's. Being foggy minded they really help me learn.


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And a warm welcome from up the North Tyne!....you will enjoy yourself here!.....If you want to know anything at all about photography just ask!....as long as you dont ask me!............Ken
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Might be a while before I dare post any photos. My interests are in macro and wildlife mostly - I have a wide-angle lens but no dedicated macro lens as yet.


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It's a canny forum.


cameradextrous _ Motorcycles etc. link


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cd8jbr wrote:
Might be a while before I dare post any photos. My interests are in macro and wildlife mostly - I have a wide-angle lens but no dedicated macro lens as yet.

You do not have to be David Bailey on here you know
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I'm such a novice, really. Really.

I haven't used the camera that much. I loved being out when we had the snow though - but everything was so pretty and that's not something you can say about Newcastle very often! I did get some shots of dogs playing in the snow and one or two of those I really like because they capture the moment but I don't think they'd pass much scrutiny.


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If I dare put some of my work up - and ask for help - you certainly can

I got my K-x in December and never had anything other than a Point & Shoot before .

Folk here really do try and help and encourage you
let the education continue

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Welcome to the Forum.

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Hi Jill

Welcome< i can tell you that the site is excellent and you WILL learn from all the guys who are 'addicted' to Pentax and this site.

Best Regards

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I'm glad I've found this site. Everybody I know except my brother and I are on the dark side (canon/nikon etc). I have been toying with the idea of a new body and was wondering whether to go that route but now I know I won't!

I do hanker for a K20D but it's so far above my abilities I just can't justify getting one...but watch this space!
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