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Back in time before I was educated I used "CHINON" A dirty word I know. BUT. I could not afford a Pentax for a few years so bought the Chinon because it used Pentax lenses. FORWORD THINKING. I always fancied Pentax. My pentax history started with a Z1p and a 645. Through the DSLR's from *istD to my now K3ii and my K1ii. However I digress. My Chinon CP6 twin prog. Needs a bit of repair so I can maybe try an odd film or 2. My question is. Does anyone know of anyone near to Kettering in Northants who likes to mess with old cameras and might like to have a go at fixing mine. The CP in the name was for CHINON PENTAX and the CP6 was quite rare.
Don't hate me.
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Nowt dirty about Chinon. Dixons specials they were. I had a Zenith E before I started work and could, eventually, afford a Chinon CEII.
It was a grand little camera - maybe a poor man's Pentax.

That's my 2 penneth about my view of your Chinon "sins"

Sorry - no I do not know about repairers.
Hopefully, someone who does will come along soon . . . .
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Try Newton Ellis & Co of Liverpool.
Best regards, John


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I started out with a Zenith that didn't even have a light meter. Then I got a Cosina CS2. Amazingly I bought a winder for it, but rather sadly, it seemed to kill the shutter. I longed to be able to afford a Pentax and was delighted when, once I had a job, I bought a new ME-Super, which I still have. Those were the days when the K-mount was king.
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Checking out its camera-wiki page it is quite a sophisticated beast. Lyndon Booth at Londinium Cameras is another possibility.

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Thanks to Kris and John. It's not desperate. I just fished it out and found the winder isn't working as it should do. Kris. You are right when you said it was a sophisticated beast. Chinon were an independent company owned by Mr Chino and made Kodaks first zoom compact camera. Later Kodak who had shares bough a controlling share. 51% and when digital came along Chinon just disappeared. The CP6 actually had an optional auto focus lens which looked just like the first Canon one square at the top with two "eyes" for focusing. Not surprising as Chinon made it for Canon. I never did get one. I also have a winder grip for it. After the CP6 they made two more film cameras. The CP7 and the autofocus CP9AF of which I still have both. I then got my Z1p and my 645 and my Pentax life began. When digital came along my first one which I still have was my Pentax EI 2000 2.5M pixels and compactflash cards. I might have a go at it myself after all I am a retired (17 years ago) Machine tool engineer although the machines I worked on were much bigger than cameras. Well that's me finished waffling on for now.
Born again biker with lots of Pentax bits. Every day I wake up is a good day. I'm so old I don't even buy green bananas.


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Nothing wrong with Chinon. I think I only own one, rebranded as a RevueFlex and with an M42 mount, it's a very nice camera. They went toward the cheaper end of the market later on but many are still kicking, certainly more than the MZ series with it's dodgy plastic cogs. Many of the later ones are lighter in build quality but better than Pentax in the sophistication of their functioning, especially the electronics.
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