Help, with Burnt out sky please.


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mpjx wrote:
But it's so much easier to get it right in camera from the start.

Well, I think this is an example of how my software skills outweigh my photographic skills

Don't despair. We can still save you!
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


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Don't despair. We can still save you!

Sounds like a line from "Titanic"
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If you cannot find a better viewpoint/lens combination and if fill in flash doesn't help try bracketing and using a HDR program to blend the images (I use photomatix pro). Although HDR can look unreal if not surreal, it can be used subtly to solve this sort of problem. My guess is that ND grads won't help too much in a wood as there isn't really a horizon as such.

Best wishes, Kris.
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