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Just rekindled my interest in photography and new to this foum. I recently bought a secondhand K7, with around 2000 actuations on it. I took lots of snaps since receiving it and at the weekend I noticed a small dot with a small circle around it on all of the images taken with the sky or light background in it. The circle appears around 2 or 3mm in dia when an image is viewed on the computer screen. I went back to the original snaps taken when I received the camera and it appears on those images as well. I have taken the same snap with 2 different lenses and the blemish is still there. Can anyone shed any light on what the problem may be. I have tried contacting the seller but he has not responded yet.......



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Hi Wes (and welcome) - It may just be a bit of dust on the sensor. If you have the instruction book take a look at the section for sensor cleaning, but take care that you follow the advice properly. Usually locking the mirror up and gently blowing with a "Rocket" type blower is sufficient. You should also be able to do a "sensor check" to first see where the dust is.


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Thanks for the response......I initially thought it may be a bit of dust but it is absolutely symmetrical, it resembles one of the 'check' boxes on ebay for example, where you click to accept something and a black dot appears inside a circle, although my problem is more of a pale grey rather than defined black.... I will check the sensor anyway to see if it resolves the problem.


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Can you post an image so we can see the effect?
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How do I go about posting an image........... if you drop me an email address I could send one by



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Wes4390 wrote:

How do I go about posting an image........... if you drop me an email address I could send one by



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Don't know if this will work, here goes. The blemish is in the sky right had side¤t=IMGP7537_...


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As the rest of the sensor looks ok this is obviously something that the cameras dust removal can't shift, and as it's been there so long it's doubtful a rocket blower will help, you need to invest in some wet cleaners.

I doubt it's a fault with the sensor, the halo effect is a characteristic of dirt.
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Thanks for the help .......I have used a rocket blower this evening and will buy some wet cleaners tomorrow, any advice on a brand/type. I should say the only shop near to me is Jessops and are they relatively easy to use...........


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I personally have never found Jessops very easy to use.....

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Although Jessops may stock these, they will advise you to get it cleaned 'professionally' (which basically means they do it for you and charge 40)!

You need something like this. Visible Dust are a very good brand. You might get cheaper, but don't buy too cheap as it may damage your sensor more than it cleans!
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Thanks again ..........will give it a go and see if it sorts out the problem
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