How many of us still have 645 equipment?


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I know this forum contains a broad spread of users, some with more than one "system" and/or format, but what is difficult to gauge is how many of us have 645 equipment and how much use it gets.

I suspect there are a fair few of us who used to use 645 in the "film days" but slowed down to a stop after the advent of digital. There are probably a small number that still use the 645's fairly regularly, and I doubt whether there are more than a handful who have taken the plunge with the 645D?

What I am particularly interested in is how many of us are holding onto 645 lenses in the hope that the 645D (mark IV maybe ) may become affordable? Are we kidding ourselves or should we have "disposed" of the lenses when they were fetching good second hand prices a couple of years back? I thought it was interesting to se that there are still 2 lenses available at LCE Cheltenham (200m A and 80-160 A) for just £99 each!


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I have a cable left!
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E.g. my 645N, 45-85 FA, 80-160 A, 75 FA, Macros: 120 A, 120 FA are currently not used.

Maybe, I should perform some shots with my lenses on a Pentax-DSLR using the 645-K adapter. Especially the macros should perform very well.

I had several 645D cameras in my hands in the stores in Japan in 2011 and was tempted, but resisted due to the price. Maybe, subconsciously, I hope to acquire a used version for a bargain price sometime.

Both mentioned lenses are imho underrated. See also:
However, the condition is only described as "average".
Btw, there are also other interesting secondhand items from LCE: Two Q sets, Q toy lens, ...

As far as I know, the 645DII will be located above the 645D, lowering the MSRP of the latter. Would a price tag of about £5000 be more attractive? Would I order one? Probably not. But never say never. So, perhaps, we are really kidding ourselves.


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I still have my Mamiya 645 Pro SV kit plus some lenses, and it does get used, but nowhere near as much as I used to. When Mamiya announced the discontinuation of the film cameras I bought kit at knock-down prices....

The fact that film is anywhere between £5 and £7 is a bit of a disincentive to use it but I do really enjoy taking it out.
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I have a Mamiya RB67 and a few accessories but It really doesn't get that much use.

If the 645D came down to around £5000 there is still the problem that I would need to invest in new computer equipment for the PP. Then the printer to print those big prints, what would be the point otherwise?

I think I'll have to wait for that lottery win.


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I recently bought a 645N, FA45-85, FA80-160 and an A 35mm ... for less than £1400 for the lot. I use it when I know what I want. I only press the shutter when Im pretty sure it's going to be good.
I love using it though.
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I've never owned one but it is an interesting prospect. I think I'd probably go for a 67 though if I wanted a Pentax medium format camera. At the moment I use my Lubitel 2/Yashicamat 124G/Moscow 5 for MF.

Cheers, Kris.
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I still have Mamiya 645 and Bronica 6x6 gear and don't really use them much now. I had considered selling them and getting a 6x7 but realistically wouldn't use it much.
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I still have one lens which I use with my 645 to K adaptor, and yes this lens does get used on a regular basis.

Armed with a K3, some M, A, FA, DA, and star lens. With an eye open for "just one more lens".

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My 645 A* 300mm f4 gets used (often with the 1.4 or 2x converter) for Moon shots, but thats about the extent of my use nowadays.

The 67 that Kris would opt for produces absolutely stunning quality results (and they can be found for quite decent prices) - but it is nowhere near as portable as the 645. I used to have one, but one trek across the Malvern hills was enough to convince me to switch to 645 (which is very portable - for an MF).


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The viewfinder image through a 67 is just magnificent though. I always wanted one, but had to settle for the 645N. It's long gone now, someone got an as-new camera when I sold it.
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I use my 645N regularly. I've the 45mm, 75mm and 150mm lenses in A format, a 75mm leaf shutter lens (which I'll be selling soon) and am keeping an eye out for the extension tubes.

I love using it and am happy to keep developing my own and sending off slide and C41 film from it.


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Hi Cuchulainn - I sold my A extension tubes a few years ago, but still have the helicoid extension tube, it doesn't carry the aperture info but is a lot less fiddly - I kidded myself I was going to use it, but then bought a 120 Macro


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I missed the one in LCE the other week - looked a bargain! My main reason for wanting one isn't even macro, it's just to be able to do slightly tighter head shots!

Is the 120 as nice as its reputation?


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The 120 on film was incredible - oddly enough I haven't used it on Digital (via the adapter) as yet, probably because I have too many macros in PK/AF fit.

LCE Cheltenham still has the A 200mm available at £99 - I'm amazed it hasn't been snapped up yet.
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