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Hi there,

I'm Zach and naturally, I have a keen interest in photography. I have a knackered K10d and a Samsung GX20. The Samsung was purchased because as you know, it was K20 that was rebadged. I am far from being a professional photographer. I mainly take photos for myself and own amusement, as you can see here (if you want) http://www.flickr.com/photos/zachmanchester/

I've joined the user group to ask for some advice.

As much as I am happy with my Samsung, I am looking at upgrading - and feel a little torn. I would like to experiment a little with video, but see this as an addition to photography, and not the main purpose. I don't know whether to go for a K-5 or a K-01 with the 40mm lens when it's released.

From the specs, I can see that both are a worthy upgrade to my GX20.

My concerns with the K-5 are:

No autofocus whilst shooting video
HD video format is an older codec - which means huge file sizes
Codec will not be read by iPad without conversion
Possible replacement to K-5 in the very near future.

Concerns with K-01

No viewfinder - and by the sounds of it, none planned
No weather sealing (I live in Manchester...this is important!)
It's v1 - do I wait for v2 when concerns on ergonomics/performance (if any) are addressed

I have used my iPhone to take photos, but it's never felt quite natural as holding up a camera to my face. To be honest, my experience with using a screen to compose shots is limited, so I don't know if I am being prejudiced because of lack of knowledge. Maybe it will be the way to go?

I have looked at sample videos of films made with K-5 on YouTube and with the right lens and lighting, it can look incredible!

So - if you were in my position, what would you do? Go with the camera that is very well respected, but is showing its age or jump in and try a new kind of camera that might throw up new problems?

I am going away at Easter, and I would like to take a new camer with me. As the K-01 is a bit of an unknown quantity as it's currently unreleased, I understand that we can't make truly informed decisions until someone has had a good play around. But for those with a K-5, are you happy with the live view to compose your shots instead of the OVF?

Thanks for reading

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If you are only seeing video as 'an addition to photography and not the main purpose' I don't think there is any competition. The K-5 would surely be the way to go.

If video is more important then this may change things a little.

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Zach_manchester wrote:

My concerns with the K-5 are:

No autofocus whilst shooting video
HD video format is an older codec - which means huge file sizes
Codec will not be read by iPad without conversion
Possible replacement to K-5 in the very near future.

Just to let you know, in my experience:

1. No Autofocus isn't that much of a deal-breaker to me. I've found myself zooming and focusing so much faster manually than with a handycam.
2. The HD codec can be a deal breaker, but I think there is a reason why Pentax opted for this, and that's to enable the use of the built-in filters, and I personally find it a joy to use! Cross processing video adds a whole other dimension to the end result.
3. Video converting, IS a PAIN. Ugh.
4. Considering how much the K5 cost when it was first released, I don't think you'll find a much better value camera than the K5 at its current cost right now then add a good lens!

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Thank you both for your replies - I think I am leaning towards the K-05. I have readso many good reviews of the camera and it's true, it's at such a good price now.

For the amount of video I will make, the huge file sizes will not be too much of a problem. I doubt I have a feature length film in me!

I completely forgot that I have live view on my GX20. Mainly because the screen isn't the best for this - even at the time, the reviews kind of said it was an afterthought. I tried it out and panned the camera around and I have to say that's wasn't too impressed, like I was when I tried it out several years before. I fully expect that live view has improved now, but I still can't grasp the idea of holding out the camera in front of me instead of having the stability of it against my face.

I have a few lenses that I can't wait to use for video production.

Thanks again. Now the hardest part...convincing my other half that I *need* a camera!


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After I said all that, I take it all back. Gonna go down the route of getting a K-01 after all. Fickle, me? Yes.


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If video is your forte, buy a video camera. It you have been use to a view-finder you will be disappointed without one. In brilliant sunshine, accurate composition is almost impossible. The Pentax K5 is a superb camera and you will not be disappointed if you purchased same.
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