hello just got my kr


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Hello everyone, my names Andy. The KR is my first DSLR after playing around with a tz5 for a couple of years. I'm very impressed with the KR but the only problem I have now is that I can take better pictures with the panasonic, so will have to get plenty of practise in!
Pentax K-R, smc da 55-300mm, dal 18-55mm, Tamron macro di 90mm.


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A lot of people find that (to begin with).

Enjoy the camera
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Welcome Andy, enjoy the new kit.
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Thanks for the welcome guys.

This is one of my eforts so far,critism is 100% welcome and appreciated. Its taken with the da 55-300mm on full zoom. Had a play around in ps to try and sharpen the image up a bit but still doesn't seem sharp or that clear to me. The camera doesn't seem to take very sharp pictures, will have to have a proper look around the settings I guess.

Edit: cant get a bigger picture to show, sorry.
Pentax K-R, smc da 55-300mm, dal 18-55mm, Tamron macro di 90mm.
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Well if this was taken at 300mm f5.6 then you are shooting wide open.
Personally I would stop the lens down a bit and bump the ISO up .. the K-r can take it easily.

Also looks to me as if you have caught the collar with the focus rather than his eyes

Good looking dog though.

Have posted the pic for you as I couldn't see it.

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Ahh! Yep I did focus on the collar. Thanks Mike-p.
Pentax K-R, smc da 55-300mm, dal 18-55mm, Tamron macro di 90mm.


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Hi Andy, and welcome. With Mike - practice stepping down and enjoy experimenting with your new kit.
John (VonBatCat)

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G'day and welcome - the better pictures will come with your familiarity with the camera and its capabilities.

Thereafter, some post-processing will soon show you the difference in IQ between an SLR and a compact.
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