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Hi folks

After much research I've just bought a Pentax K-5 with the 18-55 and 50-200 WR lenses. I have film SLR's at home that have gathered dust over the last few years (a Canon T70 and two Olympus OM2's) so I finally shelled out and got a DLSR after wanting one for years. Amazed at how my T70 which I bought second hand for 140 in 1998 is now worth about 30 on ebay!

Can anybody recommend any cleaning products for my new gear? I'm a bit rusty with it all. Also, how weather resistant are the WR lenses (and the body too) in real life?

Thanks in advance



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Hi David.

Great choice of kit.
I have a K5, not sure how good the weather seal is, I also have a K10d, that is weather sealed to, but have never got it wet either. I think the odd splash my be ok ?.

Take care.
Chris R.

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Congratulations on your new camera, and welcome to the forum. I look forward to some photos of beautiful Skye.

I recommend you invest in an Arctic Butterfly brush to clean the sensor of your new camera. They cost a bit to buy but are definitely worth it.
Learn to change lenses with the camera pointing down to minimise dust getting in, but don't be afraid of cleaning the sensor if you need to.
A good lens cloth is essential too of course.

My K-5 has been out in heavy rain and in snow storms and even had ice chipped off it and survived. My K-20D survived downpours in the Pacific North West. I had the Da 17-70 on each camera. It is not a sealed lens but it too survived just fine.

Whilst the K-5 and lenses wouldn't survive being dropped in water they will stand more than a drop or two of water.


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Skye is a fantastic place, look forward to seeing your photos.


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Skye is brilliant, and you will no doubt have plenty of opportunty to test our the eather sealing! It shouldn't be a problem, just don't take the camera swimming...

As regards cleaning, a microfibre lens cloth for the lens surfaces, a dry or slightly damp lint free cloth for the body. No need to overclean at all.

Welcome to the forum and we'll look forward to seeing some images soon hopefully.
Best regards, John


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skye is nice, i think i have been on skye at least once a year for the last 15 years, will be on skye 16th-19th sep maybe see you up storr or the quiraing, weather permitting

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Welcome to the forums, a stunning area of the country to live Skye. I would invest in a wideangle lens for the beautiful landscaapes.
My piccies.


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I have a K10 and a K5 along with a couple of Pentax weather resistant lenses. They've been used in heavy rain several times without any problems.
Never tried them out in the bath though.
PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout


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Hi and welcome.

K-3's, K-3II.
SMC PENTAX-DA FISH-EYE 1:3.5-4.5 10-17mm ED [IF, SMC PENTAX-DA* 1:2.8 16-50mm ED AL [IF] SDM,
SMC PENTAX-DA 1:4 15mm ED AL Limited, SMC PENTAX-DA 1:3.2 21mm AL Limited,
PENTAX-F 1:2.8 28mm, SMC PENTAX-FA 1:2 35mm AL, SMC PENTAX-FA 1:1.4 50mm, SMC PENTAX-D FA MACRO 1:2.8 100mm WR,
SMC PENTAX-DA* 1:4 300mm ED [IF] SDM, HD PENTAX-D FA 1:4.5-5.6 150-450mm ED DC AW, HD PENTAX-DA 1:5.6 560mm ED AW,
PENTAX AF160FC Auto Macro Ring Flash.



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Hi and welcome.

I love Skye. One of my regrets is that I didn't visit it more often before moving to France. But now you are here you can provide us with views from the great photo opportunities that the landscape offers.


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Welcome Dave. Great part of the world, Skye. I've had both the 18-55 and 50-200 WR on the K7 out in pretty heavy rain with no problems. One of the joys of Pentaxt - you can keep snapping when others would have to tuck their cameras away . Good advice above on cleanig products.

Some of my vaguely better stuff


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Thanks for all the comments everyone, a good omen to me when the forum is so friendly.

I'll post some pics when I finally get to play with the camera. However I'm no Colin Prior!


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Welcome to the forum, having kayaked around Skye and the other islands lets see those landscapes.


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Why is nothing ever simple??? It's Amazon that I ordered the camera from and since ordering it last week it's gone down in price by 48! I've not even opened the box yet because I'm away from home so I chanced my hand and emailed them to see if they'll give me a voucher for the difference or I'll just return it for a refund then re-order it and save myself nearly 50 quid.

Nope, they won't give me the voucher (not that they're obliged to) but they're happy for me to send it back and refund me then for me to buy it back cheaper. This is what happens when you deal with robots and not humans!


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At least you can do that if you want to and they are quite open about it.

If you do send it back and it turned out they were then out of stock and couldn't fulfill your new order...things could be worse.
Best regards, John
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