Hello from Pennsylvania


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Hello all! I'm Rich, a headshot photographer based in Lancaster, PA.

Looking forward to discussing all things photography!


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Welcome Rich.


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Hi Rich,

welcome to the forum. What Pentax equipment do you use for your portraits and how do you find it performs?



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1stEverPentax wrote:
Hi Rich,

welcome to the forum. What Pentax equipment do you use for your portraits and how do you find it performs?


Thanks Karlo.

I have looked at the Pentax 645z, and have had nice conversations with the folks at trade shows. I have yet to make the purchase yet.


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I can confirm the Z is a stunning piece of kit for both portraits and landscapes.


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You've come to the right place then Rich as Chris and a few others on here do use that camera and i'm sure wil be able to help you decide to purchase one!


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I've been drooling over the same one. Gotta keep saving...and then one of these days it'll happen.

my studio mate has tried a whole bunch of medium format systems..but this is the one that caught my eye for sure.

good luck! =]


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Someone was using the 645z at my studio the other day. I chatted them up about it a little bit and they said they love it! They use it mainly for portrait work but he said that some of his product photography clients actually require him to use a camera like that for the job. So it has actually made him some new money just from having it!


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I have been interested in the 645Z for awhile for my headshots and portraits, just trying to find the resources to make the jump into MF.
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Hello There!
Welcome to the forum Rich.
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