Hello from County Down


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I've traded in my Olympus E3 and lenses for a K-70 with the free 50mm lens and a DA 16-85 f3.5-5.6. I had intended to get a Canon or Nikon like the masses, but became seduced by the K-70 despite any AF shortcomings! Anyway, I have a Sigma 100-200 macro, 28 and 50mm lenses from ME days.
I'd classify myself as a perpetual beginner, I like landscapes, shallow dof, railways and anything from an armchair!!
Anyone in this forum from Northern Ireland?

Pansy with the Sigma hand held just to see if it would work.


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Welcome Antony! Enjoy it here

Some of my vaguely better stuff


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Hey there Antony; welcome and looking forward to more pics!
'Photography...it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten....' (Aaron Siskind)


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Portadown here
Learn how to live and you'll know how to die; learn how to die, and you'll know how to live.

Check out ones photographs on Flickr!



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The Mournes tomorrow for me 😉
I am sure the next step will be the electronic image, and I hope I shall live to see it. I trust that the creative eye will continue to function, whatever technological innovations may develop. Ansel Adams
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