Hello From Leeds


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I am Tim and live in Leeds, i have been into photography many years and was a Canon user ( well still am until my K-S2 arrives) . The only thing i don't know about is Pentax Lenses so will probably be picking your brains about them. The camera i have coming already has the kit lens 18-50mm and also a 55-300mm which i shouldn't really have bought till i found out more, i look forward to meeting all of you through the forum and also thanks for allowing me to join.



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Hi Tim
Welcome to the forum
cheers Neil
pentax k3 k5
DA* 300 f4 DA* 50-135 f 2.8 smc DA* 16-50 f2.8 50mm f1.7 pentax1.4xhd converter

Panasonic Dmc Fz200


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Welcome Tim. The two lenses you've ordered are good lenses that should serve you well.
Best regards, John


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Welcome to the forums
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Welcome to the forum Tim from another Loiner

The 18-55 kit lens produces some good results, I'm sure you'll be happy with it. can't comment on the other as I've never used one.
My Names Alan, and I'm a lensaholic.
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Thanks for the Welcomes guys, much appreciated


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Hi from me.

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Welcome Tim from another Tim

Can't go wrong with the 55-300 - great, good value, lightweight telephoto which punches above its weight IQ wise.

Some of my vaguely better stuff


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Think it was my most used lens on my Canons Tim, well it's 70-300 on the Canon, never been a fan of the kit lenses, always thought of them as cheaply made and not very good glass, not sure about Pentax but it felt that way with Canon. Sort of throw away type of lens
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