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Hello everyone,

I'm brand new to photography and have had to be borrowing my mother-in-law's camera whilst I save up for my own... (any suggestions of a decent beginners camera are welcome - preferably not the most expensive on the market!)

I'm currently living in Manchester and most of my photos will most likely portray one of my pets!

Any comments would be welcome...



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Hi Clara. Welcome to the forum. The camera I would recommend for you would be the Pentax Kr. Twin lens kit, is good value. If you can stretch that far. I too am from Manchester, There is a great Flickr site Manchester Uk, you may have seen.

K-1Gripped K-1 ungripped K-5ii K7 Various lenses



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Also some cheap K-x 's. Going on ebay. Which is a fantastic model for a beginner.
K-1Gripped K-1 ungripped K-5ii K7 Various lenses



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G'day and welcome - the Kr is a good suggestion, or else perhaps a used K7 or Kx from a reputable source (the last bit being arguably the most important).


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Hi Clara,

Welcome to the site. At least you let me have my camera back unlike my son who still has my drill!

Sally x


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look out in the forum clasifieds you could get a very good quality camera to start you off at a very reasonable price.


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Hi Clara.

Take care.

Chris R.
Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).
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