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Jonathan-Mac wrote:
jeallen01 wrote:

Finally, for anyone with an old MZ-5 or similar film body, I found out that they can repair both the pop-up flash spring and the faulty internal film drive motors!

I'd be interested to know how much they charge for the cog change on the mirror motor of the MZ-5, did they mention a price?

Sorry, I didn't discuss the cost of that - but see further up this thread for their contact details.
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Update : Harrow Technical's website says he is still repairing cameras on a semi-retired basis and only by post. Robin only works on film cameras though. He fixed the dodgy circuit board on my LX and its worked perfectly since then.
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I'm glad that Robin is still active (in a manner of speaking ) - expertise like his is difficult to replace.
K-3 II, K-3 and a K-70 from SRS (having now relegated the K-30 /"K-50" to a backup body), & some Sigma and Pentax lenses (and a lot of old 35mm gear!)


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Robin of Harrow Technical is still taking on repairs. He serviced my daughter's Pentax ME Super. Excellent chap. Email info@harrowtechnical.co.uk.


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Belated endorsement of Robin's skills. He CLA'd my MX a year or so ago and it came back like new.
Long may he continue.


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Thank you. Have contacted HT for an MX service. Will try Asahi if unsuccessful.


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Since this thread started about A110 servicing, I thought the following message from Asahiphoto yesterday 21/3/'20 might be useful:
"Yes , our workshop is still open and we are able to offer a repair service on all the cameras on your list except the Auto 110 .".

In November in response to a query about the MZ5 gear failure:
"MZ-5s replace faulty mirror motor £85".

Turns out I can't find the faulty MZ-5 anyway after several moves and I'd picked up a mint MZ-5n for very silly money, so I didn't pursue finding it!
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