Happy New Year everyone!


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Happy New Year everyone!

Have a good one
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Happy New Year everyone

May it bring you health, wealth and happiness
let the education continue

proud owner of a couple of cameras and a few bits and bobs


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All The Best To One And All, Hope You All Have A Good Night
I'm only 4fut3, but I look a lot bigger from a distance

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MZ-7, K-10,K-7, all gripped.
Pentax 35 28-80
Sigma 50 EX Macro.
A sexy little Q with 8.5mm Prime.
And a cup with a gorrila on it, it's also chipped a little, but holds tea perfectly well.

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Happy New year - I will say it now I suspect I may be snoozing by the time the clock strikes 12
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Same here, hope you all have a great year. Sincere thanks to everyone on the site who has offered help and advice in the past 12 months.

Best wishes
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Happy New Year everyone
Hope everyone has a good one.



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Happy New Year everyone and heres hoping for some better weather next year my camera and lenses maybe weather sealed but Im not.


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my camera and lenses maybe weather sealed but Im not

Well I was weather sealed until the dog chewed a hole in one of my wellington boots yesterday....grrrr!

Happy New Year everyone!
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Happy New Year everybody. If you have nothing better to do, you can come over to my place and help me dig my way out. Winter's hardly begun, and we're already buried in snow.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


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Happy New Year fellow Pentaxians

"I'm here because the whiskey is free" - Tyla

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Happy New Year everyone here
All the best



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All the best everyone, let us hope the coming year brings you the shot you have been chasing the previous year.
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I wish you all a safe, peaceful & healthy New Year!

The more I look, the more there is to see!


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Happy New Year everyone!
Best regards, John


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Happy New Year to one and all.
Too Old To Die Young

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