Happy Birthday *istD


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The biggest difference between really old DSLRs like the *istD and current models is that we immediately see the tiny screen and then experience how sloe they are to function. However, they are still nice cameras and can produce lovely images.

I hope your *istD has a very happy birthday!
Best regards, John


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Thanks for the feedback Algi and John for the birthday wishes.

For some reason I was expecting a different sort of explanation and thinking I'd dropped the ball on an important setting. Not sure why the images are showing no colour profile but I do normally set the camera to Adobe RGB and leave PS set to the same. Since your posts Algi, I have set PS to sRGB and it now brings up the following:

I am selecting convert. Is there something else I should be looking at?

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You've set the PS working space to sRGB it needs changing to AdobeRGB so that conversion isn't needed.

It's only when you save/export a JPG for webuse that you would historically convert it to sRGB, but most browsers can handle AdobeRGB now so you can leave it as AdobeRGB. That's all I ever do.

Expensive monitors that can display 100% AdobeRGB have been available for quite a few years. Hopefully all monitors will eventually display and show more colours than they do now. So it's worth using AdobeRGB now.

This page....
has a link to a good browser test. Firefox is usually only partly set for color management and there is also a link showing how to use about:config to set it properly.

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With respect, this is all over complication. If you set the camera to sRGB then also set Photoshop to the same. If you set the camera to AdobeRGB then also make sure Photoshop is the same.

The simple way to make sure you are getting the result you want is to try both and see what happens.
Best regards, John


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Thanks for the reply Algi.

I've now set PS back to Adobe RGB. I'm still not understanding how the exif data is indicating no colour profile though as PS was always set to Adobe RGB along with the cameras.

After checking the colour setting on the *istD it was set to sRGB and now to Adobe RGB.

Just seen your comments John. I'm sure I've been doing that. It was the comment from Algi that started me thinking as to why no colour profile was shown?

Best regards
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Back to the original pictures - a nice set Gary! IIRC, the *istD does have a very smooth/ quiet shutter?
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