Hand Strap with base plate attached


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I am looking for a hand strap to use with my K5 which has a tripod QR plate attached permanently. All those I have seen make use of the tripod screw mount.

Can anyone suggest something please
K5iis and a couple of lenses.


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What sort of baseplate do you use? If you use an Arca-Swiss type then there are base plates and hand straps available. Not sure about other sorts though.

Oh - just found this sort of universal plate - http://www.customslr.com/products/m-plate-pro.

Markins plates have a slot for a hand strap strap too.

Also there's this one: http://www.amazon.com/RainbowImaging-Genuine-Leather-Strap-Release/dp/B004AOKK0M

I know that's for Canon but they probably have a Pentax one if you look, or the Canon may fit.

Edit 2 - yes it is: http://leather-messangerbag.blogspot.com/2012/03/rainbowimaging-genuine-real-lea...
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Manfrottor QR plate (for the 496RC2)
K5iis and a couple of lenses.


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That last link offers an adapter and strap that would suit.


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thanks, managed to find the right one
K5iis and a couple of lenses.


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Oh - just found this sort of universal plate - http://www.customslr.com/products/m-plate-pro.

Just to comment this link is "error 404". Take out 'm-plate-pro' and the link works but the 'm-plate-pro' appears no longer available.



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I ordered myself a Camdapter hand strap and Manfrotto plate last night, it's coming from the US as I couldn’t find a UK supplied. I will let you know how I get on with it.

I’ve recently purchased a Black Rapid (RS-7 Curve) strap, but felt the camera was insecure when off the strap, previously I always used to wrap the normal neck strap round my wrist, so I'm hoping this will help.



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I never found one that had the features I wanted, (Aria mount in 2 directions + handstrap) so ended up making my own.
The Mk1 version (I've been using for ~2 years) isn't perfect as it gradually gets slightly loose, if I forget to tighten it every couple of months, allowing the camera to wobble on the tripod.
Construction was simple with the recessing of the screw the only bit that couldn't be done with basic handtools.
I keep promising myself I'll make an improved version that locks onto the rear edge of the camera - but in my free time I generally prefer to be taking photos...
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