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Now don't get me wrong - I love the GX20 and I am very happy with it as an upgrade from the K10D (except for the grip - the ergonomics are different and I couldn't get on with it.) But I cannot understand what the liveview is all about - it won't let you do anything and the focus is never right. To me it seems worse than useless, because to select it you have to deselect optical DOF checking, which is something I find extremely useful.

So can anyone help me understand when and where I might have a use for this? Otherwise, I'll just pretend it doesn't exist: "Liveview? - nah, mine's a serious camera mate!"




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Tony, live view is next to useless with the K20D as well. Well certainly when you compare it with my old Oly E-510 implementation (much more advanced and an older camera too). I basically disabled it by setting the switch to digital preview instead.

Of all the K20D features I think live view feels like the one Pentax added last and had the least time to develop
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when in liew view mode you should use the af button on the back of the camera just hold it untill its focused, and your right its not the best, i had a sony a350 witch supposedly has the best liev view of any dslr, and it was awsome but it means nothing when you can't use your images from iso 400 and up, i only use the k20 when on a tripod,
just keep snapping,



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TonyM wrote:
So can anyone help me understand when and where I might have a use for this?

1. Taking a shot from an awkward angle or distance where you can't get your eye to the eyepiece comfortably or at all. Holding the camera above your head or out of a window, for example. You may not be able to see the LCD very well from an angle, but at least you can see it somewhat, unlike the eyepiece when you have the camera at arm's length.

2. Candid photography where you don't want people to know you're taking a picture.

3. Macro or tripod photography in low light with small apertures that make the viewfinder too dark for optical DOF checking.

4. Checking the Shake Reduction out of curiosity.

I'm sure you could think of more opportunities as well. If not.....

Otherwise, I'll just pretend it doesn't exist

That's what I wish people would do instead of complaining about it. It doesn't do any harm if you don't use it. Some users do find a use for it!, though I agree it would be far better if AF worked without having to flip the mirror. This could have been done with a secondary AF system that worked off the sensor.
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Unfortunately this is an area Pentax/Samsung lag well behind the opposition - Live View on the GX20/K20D is pretty much on there for marketing purposes only, it's only a half-hearted implementation.....I long for Live View as good as on the Konica Minolta A200 I owned a few years ago (moveable LCD a must !!)

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I find the size of the K20D and most DSLR's these days to big to consider holding in my hand and using the LCD like you do with a digital compact.

And while the K20D/GX20's Live view is really really basic, I love it. It keep me out of the mud while trying to look through the viewfinder when its mounted on a low tripod. And checking horizons with the grid is uselful too.

Thats all i need, but i know if i did proper macros then i probably wouldnt bother with.

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Thanks for the comments everyone - I hadn't realised about keeping the AF button pressed down to focus, and the macro use seems worth trying as well. So maybe not quite as bad as I thought, in which case this thread has served its purpose! Thanks again.
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