Greetings from York...


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I have just joined the site after a very long gap. I have used Pentax cameras since 1984 when I bought a P30 and now, many cameras down the road, I have a Pentax KP. I still have a P30 which I bought from my son when he gave up on film photography.

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and attend the meetings of the Documentary group which has just formed in the city.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing what you think of mine!!

Graham E


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Greetings and welcome!!


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Welcome aboard. Look forward to your postings. Im sure you can contribute greatly to the site...
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Hello and welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing some of your work.
Don't be shy 😁
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Welcome back

Kim C

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Welcome back to the group.


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"You can take a photographer out of the Pentax Brand, but......"

Welcome back.

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Welcome to this very friendly bunch of people.
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I love York. Very photogenic, especially when compared to South London!


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Hi Graham and welcome. I am also in York, lovely place!
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Welcome back to the site Graham, you've posted some great images already, look forward to seeing more from you.

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Thanks everyone for your welcome and comments about my pictures. I love York too, but then I chose to retire here.

Best wishes to you all,

Graham E
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Welcome back I York too especially the walk by
The river and the railway museum
I usually travel up by train as it only takes 20
Minutes from Doncaster
cheers Neil
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