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Link Posted 26/10/2011 - 21:48
I realised I've been here for over 3 years now, but rarely ever post any images which is poor show really, so these are from our holiday back in May.

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are amazing, especially for photographers. Even better if you don't knock your camera off the bar after a couple of cocktails (doh, stupid strap!) or just forget it when visiting the islands and leave it on the boat (double doh!).

Feel free to tell me what I could have done better at the time or in PP.


Sally Lightfoot Crab



Mary Anne

And a few others here


Link Posted 27/10/2011 - 01:31
You lucky person. They could do with a smidge more post-resizing sharpening, but they're very nice. I like the framed crab (although the bokeh's a bit busy - perhaps playing around with gaussian blur could help?), and the shape made by the pelican (a shame that one's a bit blurred though).


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I love the pelican shot. K.
Kris Lockyear
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Good photos, especially the crab and the ship. I think the darker tones on the ship could do with a bit of a lift, but it is still a great shot.


BTW the "cormorant" is Frigatebird - a Great Frigatebird or a Magnificent Frigatebird.


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Thanks for the comments, I will have a play

Tringa wrote:
BTW the "cormorant" is Frigatebird - a Great Frigatebird or a Magnificent Frigatebird.

I knew that!


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The Pelican and the Cormorant, is the best of the set for me, But all great images.

Take care.
Chris R.

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