fungus and lens ring adaptor


Link Posted 22/06/2004 - 18:10
Hello to Everyone!

I've just received an old Pentax lens from a friend. It's an Asahi Pentax 1000mm. It is a Monster Giant Lens! Weighs quite a lot. It's about 70 cm. long and it's screw type. Diameter is 14.5cm. On the front of the lens, it says Super Multi Coated Takumar 1:8/1000 Asahi Opt. Co. Japan.

Now the problem:

It has fungus. Can anyone tell me how to clean it up and what solution to clean it with? I have never done any cleaning on lenses but I have opened up fixed a lot of electronics before.

Additional Question:

Is there a way to mount this lens on a Canon EOS body? Are there ring adaptors available? Like ones where you can mount nikon lenses to canon bodies losing the AF function. I'm not really planning to use it for anything. It would just be neat to restore it

Ill try to post a picture of the lens soon


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The 1000mm f8 lens is a monster all right, and originally came with its own tripod and special case all at some enormous price. I think the lens is too valuable to try a DIY repair - why not contact a Pentax repairer for a quote?
Best regards, John

Kim C

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Hi Funky-monkey,
If you look in the thread "the dreaded fungus" you might get an idea of the problem. Bearing mind the cost and the value of your lens, I would repeat Johnriley's advice and get it assessed professionally before you try to do anything to it


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Thanks for the responses. Ill try to get the opinion of a professional lens cleaner.

Here's an image of the lens:


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anyone have tips on how to mount it on canon bodies? the screw mount at the end is either 40mm or 42mm

Kim C

Link Posted 23/06/2004 - 08:45
Hi again,
It should be fairly easy to get a mount adapter. The thread is m42mm and is the standard Pentax thread. You should be able to get the adapter commercially. Try SRB here
The Canon adapter is about 25.
As a matter of interest, the lens you have is the super multi coated version which was one of the last screw fit designs and had the advanced Pentax coating on it. If you can get it fixed, it is a very fine lens indeed and the design didn't really change with the bayonet version which was produced up to 1986. you can find the details of your lens here
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