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Link Posted 21/02/2011 - 11:29
Having just bought a Tamrac Aero Speed pack 75 from SRS I just thought I'd post my thoughts on it just in case anyone might find it useful.

I previously owne the Tamrac Adventure 7 which was pretty good except access to the camera was a little cumbersome - Speed Pack 75 is obviously based upon the same model so build quality is very good and the camera gear feels well protected. Access to the camera body is excellent as a side flap is included - the backpack is swung around your left shoulder to access the flap/camera.

The main camera equipment is accessed by a flap on the rear of the backpack - unfortunately it doesn't have any "security" features which is disappointing for a new model as backpack vulnernability is often a concern of buyers. The Equipment area is pretty good - it holds the K20D body with DA12-24 attached (hood needs to go in top compartment though), DA17-70, DA 55-300 and a selection of filters and holders, rocket blower case for memeory cards etc. There are also a few small pockets but to be honest these could be better designed.

The backpack includes an area for personal gear but is actually smaller than that on the Adventure 7 - you can probably get a small waterproof jacket in there together with a few small items - not loads of room to be honest.

All in all I'd say it's an improvement over the Adventure 7 as access to the camera is now very easy, it's a pity some of the personal storage space is lost although perhaps there's more in the larger "85" model?

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Link Posted 21/02/2011 - 11:44
Cheers Simon...Just ordered one..
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