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davidwozhere wrote:
I shall show my ignorance. What is a NAS?

Network Attached Storage, (NAS). Basically a large capacity file store accessible over your network, or from anywhere if you have your router setup correctly.
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I too ditched Flickr Pro last year because it was getting too expensive and I wasn't using it enough. That prompted me to look at all my subscriptions and I culled Adobe, Navigraph (Flight sim), and a couple of others. I now use mainly On1 PhotoRAW and Topaz products for my editing. I use ACDSee for it's Mobile Sync and import/cataloguing features and Microsoft OneDrive for document storage. My images are stored on my editing PC which has a robust backup regime to external drives. I can't use cloud storage due to my prehistorically slow internet upload speed of 512Kb/s. Oh, I dream of fibre broadband, I really do, but it's just not available out in the sticks where I live in rural Spain.

A subscription to Microsoft 365 Family costs 99.00/year and gets you 1Tb of storage and all of their Office apps for up to 6 users.
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davidwozhere wrote:
I shall show my ignorance. What is a NAS?

Network Access Storage. Basically a hard drive that connects to your home router. You can have it for storage only but with mine I can also give people access to folders as a FTP user. Used it a few times for that to show customer images but it's a pain to talk through!

Back to Flickr. I haven't paid for 2 years now! Chancing my luck! It says I'm a Pro user with unlimited storage with stats and somehow, as there was an issue with paying when the takeover took place, my account has glitched and stuck in Pro mode with no expiry date!!
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cardiffgareth wrote:
my account has glitched and stuck in Pro mode with no expiry date!!

Dear Mr Flickr owner, I don't know if I should be telling you this but ........
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My mention of a NAS seems to haver triggered some curiosity . As folk have said, a NAS is Network Attached Storage. Many are quite capable of hosting a photo gallery and much more.
Here is a link to my site on the NAS:

It can host galleries, forums, blogs, family history, local storage, anything really!
This YouTube video describes the NAS I presently use.
QNAP make a range of them and there others by Synology. It is even possible to configure a PC to act as a NAS.

The gallery software I happen to use is open source (and free to download and use) from here:
Piwigo have a demonstration on their site so you can have a play with the backend side of things which is here:

The QNAP does come with its own gallery software which might be easier to use so ultimately what you do use is down to personal preference.

One thing using the DIY hosting method is to consider it is up to you to make any backups even though the data can be duplicated across the drives in the NAS depending on how it has been configured.

However you are not at the whims and fancies of hosting companies who can charge what they like, close down with little or no notice, or drop your gallery or images because they simply don't like them.

It may seem a surprise in that search engine needn't ignore you NAS. I often find when I'm searching for something that the top entry is a link back to my site which maybe why one of my database sites is heading for half a million page views this year.
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I keep copies of all my jpegs on Flickr, there are over 100,000 so it makes sense to pay for the service - as others have pointed out, it is far more than a photo storage facility. My only gripe is that FLICKR can't be used for RAW file storage, so I keep copies of these on Google drive.

Of course, I also have all files on my PC with RAID storage.

Out of a misguided sense of brand loyalty, I put all my RAW files in Ricoh's Keenai cloud storage platform but that was a make -a couple of years after they took it on they shut it down.

Always interested to know how people store their jpegs and raw files.


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I just couldn't understand how Flickr could operate at a loss, then I read Gareth's message!


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Didn't Flickr have a security breach a while ago?

Maybe they're compensating for something, Gareth :S


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I believe it's possible to set up a Raspberry Pi with attached HDD to be a NAS, at much lower cost than buying a NAS off the shelf.
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Jonathan-Mac wrote:
I believe it's possible to set up a Raspberry Pi with attached HDD to be a NAS, at much lower cost than buying a NAS off the shelf.

Should be possible if you're up to fiddling with computers. A NAS is just one or more big disks attached to a little computer with the right software and the necessary connectivity. If you've got the time and ability, you can acquire the individual bits and join them up yourself - same as you can build a PC from components if you're so inclined. The cash outlay might be less than a pre-built box, but I bet you'd be working for less than minimum wage! Most people (me included) prefer to buy a box that someone else has built, you just plug it in, follow the instructions and away it goes.

If you do feel the urge to build a NAS yourself, note that some hard drives are claimed to be optimised for NAS (particularly reliability and read/write speed), others aren't. If you're just using a NAS for personal convenience, though, rather than in a multi-user system, that might not matter to you. You pay extra for drives optimised for NAS.

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