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Hi everybody.
I am new to Pentax camera's and I have just bought a second hand K20D to start with, I am not sure if I have a setting wrong or there is something wrong with the Camera. My problem is that when I view pictures on the camera through the LCD screen in the black area's I get yellow flashing lights and in the white area's I get red flashing lights. There is no problem when the pictures are shown on the computer so could it be a screen problem or something as simple as a setting problem.
Thanks in advance


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Welcome to the forum Chris

The flashing you describe is simply the camera warning of over and under expoed parts of the image, it can be turned off if you prefer, I dont have my K20D anymore so cant tell you the page number in the manual, I'm sure someone else will be along and point you in the right direction.
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Hi if youcheck the instrucion book you can change the settings. It seems as though it is set to show the underexposed and burntout areas. You can change this in the custom settings. I have a K10D which can do the same.


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G'day and welcome Chris - this feature can be quite useful, so don't be in a hurry to switch it off.

One of the advantages of digital photography is the ability to get instant feedback on your shots. This feature is one way of getting a feel for what works for you, exposure-wise.



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Hi Chris.

Take care.
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Due to the comments I have found it in the book, now I know what it is for and why it is there I have decided to leave it turned on.
Thanks for the replies and you help.
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