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I have a K1000 and want to buy a fisheye lense but on a budget.

Can anybody suggest options? I have read I can buy an adapter to get a lense which isnt K mount.



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The lowest cost option will be a front lens fisheye converter. This screws into the filter thread. Cheap and cheerful, but it works.

A Pentax Adapter K will allow the use of screw thread lenses on the bayonet bodies, so that's another option.

Finally, eBay, camera fairs and second hand stock in shops will perhaps yield used fisheye lenses. It's a question of searching.

There are no current full frame fisheye lenses in the Pentax range, although there is one for the APS-C DSLRs (10-17mm) and one for the tiny Q (3.2mm), should you decide on a digital route at any time.
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The 8mm Samyang/Rokinon/Bower/Vivitar/Wallimex lenses are available in Pentax K mount for around 230-270 depending which brand you buy and where from (they're badged engineered versions of the same lens). Will give an almost circular fisheye effect on a full frame camera, and manual focus/manual aperture so fine for the K1000. SRS sell them. It's not cheap...but it's cheap for a brand new decent quality lens.

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If it's just for fun, John's suggestion for a fisheye converter is probably all you want.

Of interest to anoraks like myself, there were two manual focus Pentax lenses that might be available used although not so easy to come by: The SMC PENTAX FISH-EYE 1:4/17 was in production from 1975 -85, ideal for the K1000. Even more scarce is the smc PENTAX-A FISH-EYE 1:2.8 16mm 1985-2004 (auto aperture).

There was also an autofocus zoom, the smc PENTAX-F FISH-EYE 1:3.5-4.5 17-28mm manufactured from 1995-2004, although not designed for a manual camera, it will work as manual.

If any of these interest you, there is user feedback here K17, here A16 and here F17-28.

Hope you find what you are looking for.


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You could try a Zenitar 16mm Fisheye, very reasonable cost new and great on film bodies.




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Wow. Great pics. Thanks everybody for your suggestions. I am keeping my eyes peeled. More suggestions on this subject always welcomed.


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I have used the Fisheye converter as JohnR suggested,its not bad. There is a Samyang 8mm Fisheye on Ebay at the moment for 185 if you are interested


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A couple of the shots in my PU portfolio are using the cheap fisheye converters which can be had for ~25.

Not up to the quality of a proper Fisheye but possibly enough for your purposes.
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